Just Before You Say, I Do: Please Be Naked Before Getting Naked! (Part 12)

According to the Bible in Genesis 2:24, Adam and Eve were both naked when they met. Well sooner or later you will meet your spouse without any clothes on. 

That will be a great day. However before we even speak of that let us talk about another form of nakedness. Figuratively, nakedness, speaks of transparency. Before you even start living together please open up on your life. Never hide skeletons in the closet because whenever your spouse finds out it brings hurt and a lot of mistrust.

Trust is built over time, can be lost in a split second, and it will take even more time in trying to rebuild it. Have nothing to hide, let your spouse know your pin-codes, be free with your phone and all. 
Just Before You Say, I Do: Please Be Naked Before Getting Naked!
Why should your phone, tablet or laptop have multiple passwords that your spouse does not know? Do you have a child before this marriage? Where you once incarcerated? Do you have this or that sickness, weakness or even disability? Why be ashamed of who you are and hide it from your life partner? Do you have any issue that needs to be disclosed even that which can affect the decisions of your spouse? Please disclose the issues and bring out every skeleton. 

Be brave and BE NAKED IN LIFE ISSUES BEFORE YOU BECOME NAKED IN THE BEDROOM, be transparent to your fiance before marriage!


By Apostle Pride and Anna Sibiya
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