Just Before You Say, I Do: Hygiene In Marriage (Part 8)

All say that politics is a dirty game. Sex should never be a dirty game. Bathing, smartness and good hygiene is central to sex in a marriage.

That hygiene starts with spiritual hygiene thus having the right relationship with God and keeping spiritually clean from sin. Tozoti kugeza nemvura chaiko…bathing with water should never be underestimated.

Every person no matter how handsome or beautiful smells! Those smells are offensive and can destroy another’s sexual appetite. Munhu anorohwa moyo! Kikiki! Hygiene is for both bazalwane. Men, especially uncircumcised, smell the same way women do if they both do not bath! Iti amen! As a law, in our church, couples bath at least twice a day. Use antiseptics to destroy germs and some smells from your body. Foot powders and washing should also help with smelly feet.
Just Before You Say, I Do: Hygiene In Marriage 
Try to bath together as a couple and do things together. Take good care of oral health, brushing teeth at least twice a day. This includes your nostrils and ear cavities. Avoid alcohol and nicotine (smoking). Make it a point that all your privates and some of your public parts are shaven either partly or clean shaven. This is because these hairs tend to keep certain bacteria which feeds on sweat, dust particles, urine and faeces…nhaika! Pese pane vhudzi ngapanyatsogezwa chaizvo…properly wash any hairy place. 

These privates should be washed with water and soap though soap should never be allowed to get into the privates cavities especially with women. After sex there is need to properly clean the residues from the act by a clean towel or cloth. The bed and bedroom should be clean and hygienic too as well as have a pleasant scent through candles, sprays and ornaments.

By Apostle Pride And Anna Sibiya
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