Just Before You Say, I Do: Conflict And Resolve (Part 5)

Someone is taught that proper cooking includes dipping meat into half the 750 litre bottle of oil, for someone it is a health hazard. For someone having margarine or even a car is a basic necessity, for the other these are all luxuries.

For some educated people to know how to handle a fork and knife is a high priority, for others what is important is that the food ends up in the tummy, whatever way.

Someone wants to have sex six times a week, someone wants it twice a week.
These are some examples of how many conflicts come up into our lives. “A marriage always has conflicts, and it’s not really about having or not having them, but it is about how we approach and tackle them. The difference in how we deal with conflicts marks the mature from the immature. Immaturity will start by telling you: oh now I know I married the wrong person, I should have married Thulani/Nokuthula.
It then goes on to tell you that, your spouse wants to pull you down, destroy and embarrass you, fight or go back home or go around talking ill about your spouse, or consider your past lover who ‘loved you more’ or have a small house or use love concoctions and portions while maturity will say, there is no big deal in being different, let us sit down and find a way of dealing with this. A healthy compromise is reached which makes both happy be it 50-50 or 90-10! This is conflict resolution.

Point: conflicts are unavoidable, so it is not about seeking an easy solution but about how we approach and resolve the conflict!

By Apostle Pride And Anna Sibiya
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