18+: How A Wise Woman Turns-On Her Husband naMfundisi.

As a loving and caring christian wife you must know how to turn On your man. You must know how to get the attention of your husband. Don't let your husband gets attracted or attached to other women. 

Good dress code - A woman with a good dress code can easily turn her husband On .A woman with smart and sexy dress can easily turn on her husband kwete kungopfeka kunge uri kuenda kunopura zviyo. Your dressing should be appealing and inviting to your husband. A flying breast can easily turn on your husband. 

Dresssing without wearing a braa in the house or putting an oversized shirt or large T/shirt of your husband can easily turn on your husband kwete kungogara wakapfeka zibraaa nekunopisa kudai, unopfekereiko umo baba varipo.
Marriage needs fun.
Breasts without braa is called flying breast because of its shaking effect. You can also turn your husband by taking your time to dress or undress as he looks on. Sitting effect-sitting positions that allows your man to see your laps ,panties , buttocks etc. Bedroom effect can easily turn on your husband - romantic bed sheets, candle light, cool music, resetting of your bedroom and perfume of your bed sheets can easily turn on your husband.

Good perfumes, deodorant, roll on, and powder can be used so that when you rest your breast on him he can give you a great and loving deal. Seasonal hugging and kissing can also turn your husband on. Sweet talk can also turn your man on-telling your man that you Love him so much , telling him how good he is,or how wonderful he is can also turn your husband on. 

Kungoudzawo murume wako kuti mudiwa ndakusuwa zvinowedzera rudo nemufaro wake kwauri. Lubricated buttocks - A buttock is said to be lubricated if it is not in the bondage of pants, underskirt or tight. Its shaking effect can really turn on a man especially if your man knows that you are doing it for him. Reflecting on your past sexual relationship together can easily turn on your husband / kuyeuchidzana mazuva ehujaya nehumhandara hwenyu.

Set sex date - it is known as pre planned sex, this can easily turn your man on and it can make him think of you all day. Using your nite dress creatively can turn on your husband, you can put it on without any underwear. Pant and braa in the house if you are alone with your man can be of good effect. 

Sleeping stark naked or walking around like that in the house if you are alone with your husband can easily turn him on. Placing your hands on his lap, massaging his back, touching his leg, head, buttocks, or genital can easily turn him on. 

Cuddling in bed by turning your face to your man can turn him on and prepare him for sex kwete kungoti gunduru, rapata, tuzu, tonhoo pabonde apo, it doesn't pleases God at all. 

May God richly bless your marriage/relationship.

Rev C V. Machakaire is a Leadership Coach, Senior Marriage Guidance Counselor at The Marriage and Counseling Centre of Zimbabwe ( MCCZ ) , He is an Expert in Social Psychology and Church leader .For Counseling and prayer requests call Rev on 0775 170 761 , E-mail - cvmachakaire@yahoo.co.uk , App :0775 170 761
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