A Must Read - Then, Only Two Will Matter!

The Titanic was presumed to be the largest, safest and strongest luxury ship in the world before it embarked on its disastrous maiden voyage in April 1912. All kinds of people were welcomed on the ship for its first voyage. 

The rich, the famous, the elite, women, children, families and staff of the ship were all happy to be on board. It was billed to be the ship that could not sink, but it did sink on its first journey from Southampton to New York. This was one of the greatest tragedies of all time. After the ship sank, two lists were presented at the offices of The White Star Company (the company which built the Titanic). The list was simple. It had only two sections: ‘LOST’ and ‘SAVED’.
People came to read these lists to find out if their loved ones had survived. Interestingly, before the journey so many things were important. Whether they worked on the ship or were on vacation? Whether they were rich or poor. Whether they were millionaires or peasants. Whether they were stockbrokers or not. Whether they were in first class or economy class. Whether they were men or women. Whether they had a lot of luggage or not. But after the sinking of the Titanic none of these things mattered anymore. Only one thing mattered- whether they were saved or lost. Dear friend that is how eternity will be. A time will come when none of the things we have on this earth will matter.

A time will come when it will not matter whether you are a man or a woman! A time will come when it will not matter whether you are rich or poor! What will matter is whether you are ‘LOST’ or ‘SAVED’ on the day you die and meet your creator! GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS TODAY! AND IF YOU ALREADY HAVE, LIVE FOR HIM!!!! Share this with all your contact (it is someone's chance to make it to heaven) DONT SHARE LATER, SHARE NOW...NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR CONTACT, IS GUARANTEED 'LATER'......... Be Blessed !!!!!!!!
Dag Heward Mills
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