"Never Touch," I Am Telling You!

Genesis 3:3 'But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden,God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die!'

Adam died together with Eve spiritually when they touched the untouchable and uneatable as warned by God. 
Many are also dying prematurely today because of certain things they are eating and touching in their lives.
"Never Touch," I Am Telling You!
Life is ruled or guided by principles which spells out dos and don'ts as a form of course to chart into success or achievements. You need to know what it takes to succeed or achieve your goals in life.
What are you not to touch in life?
1. Never touch someone's wife or husband.
2. Never touch profane things.
3. Never touch the anointed.
4. Never touch an innocent person wrongly.
5. Never touch your investment meant to produce you a better future.
6. Never touch what makes you intoxicate.
7. Never touch the organ of the opposite sex illegally.

The 7 things mentioned are just some of the things you must not touch if you are dreaming of having a successful life on earth.Many have touched things out of even ignorance that have caused them dearly,so you must be wise and aware of the untouchables in order to walk in the blessings from God that maketh rich with no sorrow attached to it.

Today i pray your eyes to see the untouchables of life for you to avoid them and may your eyes rather be opened to the touchables that brings breakthroughs and success.

Make money today and enjoy a blessed day with everything falling in place for you.

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