Men Read This - What I Need As A Woman

I am a woman, I am a lady, I am a girl. I guess, you should know me and know what I really desire.

I desire love!

Love from my father, my brother, my man and my son. I am a woman and cannot live without love.

Without love, really love, not just sensual, lustful "love." But loving me for who I am not how I am shaped.

All we ask for is love.

Money, yes!
Men Read This - What I Need As A Woman
Sex, yes!

Gifts, yes!

Cars, yes!

Holidays, yes!

But all from a heart full of love! I just want to be safe in your love. I want to know that you love me. That you will never leave me. You will defend me. You will love me to the end.
I just wrote this small note on behalf of my daughters.

As I also remind my beloved wife that "I love you!"

Can you send that to your beloved!

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