10 Simple Facts About Life

1. Don't push someone away and expect them to still be there when you're ready.

2. It's so easy for people to believe the worst about you but it's so hard for people to believe the good about you.

3. When you have someone special in your life, don't ruin it by making stupid decisions.

4. Love is like two people pulling a rubber band. If one lets it go, it hurts so much for who held on.
Life Is Fair!
5. A real relationship is all about appreciating the similarities, and respecting the differences.

6. Things will eventually work out. Keep your head up.

7. No matter how the situation you are in right now , know that it will be okay at the end, if its not okay know that its not the end.

8. Its true that we don't know what we are missing until we find it and its also true that we don't know what we are having until we lose it.

9. Good people are the ones who get hurt the most in life.

10. Good things come to those who patiently wait but great things are worked for, don't be idle.

Aopted By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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