Words That Every Husband Wants To Hear: Simba Woloza


The words your husband wants to hear from you
Ladies ever wandered what your hubby would want to hear from you? 

1. “I love being your wife.”
As simple as it sounds, husbands want to know that their wives are content in their marriage and truly enjoy just being with them. When is the last time you thanked your husband for marrying you? Don’t just assume he knows. Tell him!

2. “You’re an outstanding father.” Mhofu ende hamuite!
Deep in the heart of every man is the desire to be seen as a hero—especially to his children. Specifically, tell your husband why he is your kids’ hero. And tonight, at dinner, tell your children why he is so special.Iwewo dhadhi try to be a hero also and then it makes this whole process easy!Just sayin'.

3. “Eish you still drive me crazy" You are the man!”urimurume chaiye,uyidhodha sibili!
"Ndikakufunga ndichigeza ndinomedza sipo yese"
It’s a myth that women are always more looks conscious than men. As guys’ hairlines begin to recede and stomachs start protruding, they can become quite sensitive about their appearance. Never joke about how your husband looks. Tell him he’s “hot” and how attracted you are to him. Ehe neOne pack yake iyoyo !

Words That Every Husband Wants To Hear: Simba Woloza

4. “I really respect the decision you made.”APA wafunga apa
When a man makes a decision, especially a tough one, he doesn’t want his wife being critical of it or questioning him about it. He wants to know that his wife is behind him and admires his ability to make good decisions.( obviously keep on praying for him to always make right decisions).

5. “I know how important it is to live within our means. I’m with you on this.”"Babe this month handisi kuenda kuSaloon..let's buy zvidhinha nemari yacho"
Your husband is concerned about the future of your family. So that means he is concerned about taking care of his family financially. Having a wife he can rely on to spend and save wisely is a tremendous comfort to him.

6. “I’m so grateful for your spiritual leadership.”
All of us are hardwired for a relationship with God, and many men want to be seen as the spiritual caretakers of their families. Encourage your husband in his faith and for taking his role as a spiritual leader seriously.

7. “You are so wise.” Ende wakachenjera..
Many men are born problem solvers and relish the process of thinking through something and arriving at a solution. This, incidentally, is why your husband is always trying to “fix” your problems when all you want him to do is listen. Recognizing your husband’s mental prowess and complimenting him on his intelligence will pay massive dividends to you. Emphasize to him that you trust his wise judgment.

8. “I appreciate how hard you work to provide for our family.” muno hussler Nyathi!  
There are many things in life that your husband cannot control, but one he can control is effort. It brings him great pleasure to work hard and see the results. To directly control and be the man responsible for creating something from nothing thrills him. Encourage his great work ethic.He will even go beyond !

9. “Thank you very much love for helping me with that.” what would I do without you.
When a man serves his wife, he wants her to recognize it. A simple thank you is all he needs.

10. “I’m impressed with how you handled that situation.”PAYE waita chaizvo zvinoitwa..

Sometimes a wife will point out when her husband does not handle something well. So when he handles a particularly difficult situation well, let him know.

Mama Sarah called Abraham " My Lord", my Glory calls me "love " so What do you call your hubby? 

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