There Is Hope Zimbabwe [Part 9] - Let The True Prophets Prophesy

Yesterday, I mentioned declaring the prophetic word over our nation. Many "prophets" have prophesied doom over our nation. I, personally feel awkward around such words. 

Prophecy, in nature, may carry traces of doom but ultimately brings hope (1 Corinthians 14:3). Zimbabwe is in a bad state but there is hope maZimbabwe if we repent (literally:change our mind). Below I recount a prophecy given by Cindy Jacobs many years ago:

"The Lord has a word for Zimbabwe - this is the word for the nation: weeping only endures for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Satan is very afraid of Zimbabwe, very afraid, so he has sent his troops

- but the Lord says, I myself have sent my angels and I am going to reveal myself to a people that has not recognised me. And the Lord says, I am going to raise up an army of Intercessors that have had to go deep, deep, deep like the palm tree in times of drought. And this army of Intercessors have clung and stood to the word of the Lord, so therefore I will use them to heal Africa says God. And I am going to release a mighty prayer army that will go forth from this land. And the Lord says I am going to stay this spirit of violence and I am going to begin to reverse things in this land. The Lord says, don’t look at what you see now, but understand that I am going to make this a peace-making nation. And the Lord says, I the Prince of Peace am going to enthrone myself in miraculous ways there, says God. And this will be known as a country that is a peaceful country and restored. 
There Is Hope Zimbabwe [Part 9] -   Let The True Prophets Prophesy
The Lord gives me Joel. That God is going to restore the years that the cankerworm and the locust have eaten up. This will be a Joel nation and a Malachi nation and I am going to turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. There is a linking between Zimbabwe and South Africa, that will be miraculous for I am going to bring great healing between these nations says the Lord. 

There are treasure of darkness that have waited till this hour in Africa to be released for the greatest harvest that continent has ever seen, and that the Africans will help protect and heal America, the Lord showed me that. And that which was despised, God is going to bring a humility into the heart of those in America to humble themselves to receive this word because it is in the healing of the nation that is going to come the receiving of the Africans. The Lord is showing me that He is getting ready to build an east to the west road across Africa that will physically open up the heart of Africa. The Lord shows me that He is getting ready to reach the unreached and He is going to break open North Africa, break it open. I’m telling you God is going to break it open."
There Hope, Zimbabwe. Tinoyambuka chete, TIYAMBUKE! Let every Zimbo arise and prophesy hope, transformation, better days for our nation. Let the prophets prophesy! Bless, do not curse. I will put my trust in God's prophetic word not what foreign newspapers report. I believe God's report.

"Lord, speedily move in our nation."

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