Kunyangwe Uri-Second-Hand, Zvinoita Chete!

A brand new guitar unogona kuritenga 300 USD but second hand guitar ravaManyeruke tikariisa paAuction it can fetch more than 1000 USD. 2nd hand guitar kudhura more than a brand new guitar.

Yes. Chinoita kuti ridhure its because of the NAME attached to it (Manyeruke).

Vanhu they place value paneZita. likewise nyika inogona kukuoona seSecond hand but tsvaga zita rinonzi JESU and you will realize greater value. Ungave uchinzi second hand yemukadzi because you are a single mother or you are not a virgin but attach the Name JESUS to yourself and uchaona uchiroorwa maBrand new akatarisa.

Mechanic Manyeruke
Ungave uri second hand pamaQualifications eBasa but with the name JESUS basa unoriwana ungave uri second hand muChurch nekuti waidhakwa nekuhura but attach yourself to the name JESUS and you will become a powerful Man/ woman of GOD.
Whatever second hand yauri, get attached to the Name JESUS and you will do greater things. JESUS is the name which is above every Name Phil 2:9 Therefore God also highly exalted him (Jesus), and gave to him the name which is above every name.

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