Key to A Happy Marriage

Your key today it to be real with one another. I was just reading a friends post on Facebook that mentioned about being real with each other.

The truth is you and I are not always the easiest people to live with all the time even if you think you are awesome. This is why you need to keep doing those special things for one another. You never want your negative attributes to over shadow your positive ones so keep working on it daily to be better than yesterday.
Let’s be honest no matter how well I try to serve the Lord and be the super husband I think I am, I still have bad days too with wrong attitudes, being frustrated and fussy and maybe even let a cuss word slip now and then. Now be honest I bet you do things like that too. None of us our perfect so be willing to give each other some grace. I have never found a couple that told me it was easy to love their spouses all the time. I know my spouse does not love me all the time and the reverse is also true.

Let me quantify that. I love my spouse at all times but I do not always feel emotional love for her all the time. Love itself is a choice not a feeling. Just work to be honest when you know you are out of sorts and apologize and make it up to you spouse as needed. If there is one thing I have found over the years is that none of us have it all together all the time so I am sure thankful for the grace and mercy of God and that he never gives up on us, so be sure to give that same grace and mercy to your spouse and not give up on each other.

However decide to love one another, accept one another and to spend the rest of your days together in happiness.

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