How Can A Pastor Discern Leadership Material ?

Sometimes when we call for people to be in leadership or attend leaders' meetings pastors without experience do not know tips on how to pick potential leaders. So they cannot produce more leaders. Here are some points to help you discern leadership material: 
1. Spiritual revelation by the Holy Ghost that one is a leader. This happens through prophecy, word of knowledge, dreams, visions 
2. Wedded couples. Many people want to wed but only serious people only persue this. People who wed are willing to go the extra mile. This is a good sign.
3. Men of honour. Lesser men come to church yet by nature men are leaders since they are the head of the family. A man who is responsible for his family can be considered. 
4. Sheep. These are people who depend on their shepherd for almost everything. They do not do their own thing but are submissive while others depend on many systems outside the ministry. These are genuine sons and real inheritance must be given to them. 
 5. People in business. Business is not easy to run. People with a considerable level of business success have already proved leadership quality. 
Deep thought is needed when deciding on leadership.
6. Professionals and civil servants. These already rule in the secular world and must be harnessed to lead in the work of the ministry. 
7. University and college students. Ten years from now the church with these ones will be the one at the top. In those years they will be the administrators, managers, legislators because those with a sharp mind always rule. 
8. Young people interested in spiritual things. These are the future of the church. God has pointed at them while young and can still be modelled into great leaders now. Apostle Sibiya started preaching at 16. 
9. Pastors children. God desires holy seed. Children of servants of God and leaders have a grace and a head start in life that can make them to great leaders. Leaving them out broods church rascals. 
10. Technically oriented people. 
11. Church workers. 
 As a pastor do not wait for people to be perfect in order to bring them into leadership. Even you were not worthy to be what you are doing. A certain level of the fear of God should allow you to bring them. Obviously they must be trustworthy, faithful and full of the Holy Ghost. Do not leave these  groups of people out! This article however does not guarantee that these people will definitely be great leaders. One may be good in some way but a total disaster in leadership. The grace of God and proper training are needed too!
By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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