Appreciate Your Pastor: Milton Kamwendo

A sheep without a shepherd is lost. A shepherd without sheep is bankrupt. A person without a Pastor has no spiritual radar, well of inspiration and sounding board. 

A pastor with ungrateful followers is a troubled soul. Unappreciated Pastors are tormented souls. For most people, Pastors and other Ministers of religion are a pillar of support in the whole journey of life. At birth, they are there to bless and christen. In Sunday School, they are there to teach and guide. On the pulpit they encourage, inspire, rebuke and exhort. In private they prepare, pray, counsel, instruct and guide. In the major decisions of life they guide. In marriage they give a winning chance to marriage through counselling, attending to the nuptials and giving their charge.
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Pastors are the warm heart of society and purveyors of hope. They are worth all the appreciation. In the journey of life Pastors inspire faith, hope and love. When we hit rock bottom, they swim to our aid. When we soar in the skies, they stand in admiration and support. In our moments of weakness they reaffirm. When death knocks on our doors, they strengthen, comfort and bury with dignity. The Pastor's job is unique and immense. 

It is spiritual, 5 physical, intellectual, emotional, behavioural and social. When they assume office they are ordained to preach, teach, counsel, baptize, marry and bury. They are custodians of countless secrets and see many in points of weakness. While most Pastors have office hours, their calling and responsibilities operate beyond the confines of regular time. Most pastors are called on at inconvenient times, to inconvenient places, to undertake the tasks that most of us would gladly shun. When they inspire us we praise them. When they do something slightly wrong, we tear our garments, throw ashes sky high, send disparaging tweets and lampoon them like strangers. Sometimes after they have shepherded us for years, we find new lovers and dump them like strangers, sometimes without even the courtesy to say good bye. 
Regardless they continue to be faithful in service. They preach to enrich us, but we sneer if they get blessed in any way. What a challenge to be a pastor. If many new the challenge and agony of pastoring, we would bless every pastor we know and hold them in the highest regard. Pastors, like all of us crave for appreciation and support. When we appreciate our Pastors we enlarge their operating space and given them wings of inspiration for them to do more and be more. When we carry kind words about our Pastors we make their jobs a little easier and lighten their burden. When we pray for them, we get heaven to cheer them on. 

Appreciating your pastor is not an option, it is a must for anyone with a little horse sense. We should not wait for a special day to say thank you to our pastors. We should say it today in every way and channel we can use. It is easy to look out the window and compare our Pastors with other religious superstars operating in the proverbial "out there!" While each Pastor has his or her own special gifting. It is important to appreciate the Pastors we have. They may have weaknesses but so does anyone else. Who is your Pastor? What could you do to show some appreciation? Tarry not, show your appreciation Today! Milton Kamwendo
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