Pastoral Series: Private Life

Your private life is more important than your public life as a pastor.

1. Success in the public life is a result of your success in the private life. All successful pastors draw strength for public ministry from the secret prayer closet, a great marriage and so on.

2. The real you is not you in the public.The real you is you in the private.

3. Your private life has to be full of prayer.Don't just pray when you are in public.

4. Its possible to be a good preacher whilst your family is suffering.You need to be the best father/mother or best brother/sister before you become the best preacher.

5. You need to develop some good habits for your private life.

6. You need to meditate on good things always when you are alone.
Pastoral Series: Private Life
7. You need to speak good things about your church and your believers when you are at home.

8. Don't take church as a way of raising money,you need to minister out of love.This love should be so strong in you in your private life.

9. You need to come out of your closet ready for the battles in the public.If you don't conquer battles privately,it will be difficult to conquer publicly.

10. Learn to discipline yourself in your private life.Don't sin because no one is looking at you because God is always looking at you.

11. Its impossible to build a strong fellowship with God in the public if you have failed to build it in the private.

12. Don't try to minister to people in a time when you are failing in the private life.
Success in the ministry starts in the private life and it extends to the public life.Start working on your private life today pastor and you will see God doing amazing things with you in the public.

Adopted and Edited By Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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