Passage to Heaven: “My Journey to Paradise and God’s Message to You…’

Early one morning I had a dream – in the dream my spiritual father came home looking for me, but somebody said I was away – though I overheard the conversation – he then greeted me – smearing oil in my hand.

Thereafter, I felt a heavy anointing. I then woke up speaking in unusual tongues.

By Prophetess Clara Neshamba and

When I arrived at church and spoke to my father – Apostle Pride Sibiya, founder of Glory Ministries – he explained that, “the Impartation had begun.”

Impartation Night
The day was Saturday – dubbed Impartation Night at Tiyambuke International Christian Convention, 2016.
During alter call – I did not go forward but there was instant connection. Apostle Sibiya shouted: “Receive!”

I fell into a deep trance. Suddenly, two men appeared saying, “A man has sent us to collect you and show you something.”

I can’t describe these two men – but we were walking in the spirit.

We arrived at a locked gate – it was unlocked. We entered. At the second gate – the same process was repeated. I was trembling in fear – and was asked to raise my eyes.

Wow, in my forth was a stunning place – with a lush green – well-maintained garden.

New City
Next was an extraordinary, striking city – with very bright lights – it was built with precious stonework. The rooms had never been occupied.

A voice declared, “This is the New City, those who are faithful and do things in the right way will later occupy this place.”

In a flash, I was shown what hell looked like. It is not a decent place.

Friends, I urge you to stand right before God. This incidence was repeated in Bindura during a prayers session. In a trance I felt a very hot sensation – and a voice followed.

“That is what hell feels like.”

Hell is real
Let’s do what we can to snatch people from hell.

While still in the trance, I was taken to another room with lifeless objects plus human skulls.

Once again a voice stated, “You shall speak life and there will be life in different situations including, marriages, diseases etc.”

Then there was another big room with different human body parts – the same voice thundered.

“To the righteous, go pray for the sick and disabled people – they shall be healed, and missing body parts will be replaced. Don’t hesitate, go and pray for any situation – it shall be restored.”

God exists
Now I could not withstand the situation. I wanted to flee – I could not look the speaker directly.

There was a gigantic seat – but I could not see the beginning neither the end. I only saw enormous feet in front of me – and not the face. Everywhere was shining.

The two men vanished. Later, I woke up at home after being carried in that trance state.

During the encounter, God said the idea of an outside stage during TICC was prophetic – it meant Glory Ministries was now going places.

God says get ready – the church will explode – it will reach nations. Coincidentally, 2017 theme is: Mega Church.

The prophetic office desires someone who is calm. One needs wisdom not kill a person’s spirit but to uplift.

Prophetess Clara Neshamba is an Assistant Pastor at Bethel Worship Centre – a church founded by Apostle Pride Sibiya in 2001.
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