MUST READ! Your Life May Be A Half-Brick: It Still Fits Somewhere!

There is a time when builders start searching for BROKEN BRICKS to fill the GAPS to complete their work. Yes some of us are like BROKEN BRICKS, we are IGNORED and thrown out and considered as people of NO VALUE to the world and to the church. 

Time has come and is coming when there shall be need for you TO BE FITTED into their projects and into their lives to make it complete. Like a HALF BRICK, you might not be wanted now in your FAMILY, at your WORKPLACE and in your CHURCH but time is COMING when they shall think of FITTING YOU into their projects . At this moment, NO ONE SEES YOUR VALUE but a day is coming when some people will go around LOOKING FOR HALF BRICKS to make their work COMPLETE. Whether you agree with me or not, you are a SOLUTION TO SOMEONE'S problems.

HALF BRICK as you are, without money, surrounded by sickness, not having the gift of singing or preaching, I want you to know that time is coming when you shall be wanted to fill the GAP to complete the project that God designed never to be completed without you. Apostle Sibiya says, you are important in God's plan.
Half Bricks
People may be PROUD TODAY, IGNORING YOUR PRESENCE and your valued expertise and your effort in doing things. YOU ARE A FORGOTTEN PERSON BECAUSE OF YOUR SITUATION.I want you to know that those people who have ABANDONED YOU at your work , in your family and at your church, shall be looking for you soon and very soon. Right now you are being thrown away as HALF BRICKS, useless people and people of no value. A day is coming when HALF BRICKS shall be wanted to complete that house, that project.

If you look in scripture, God preferred to use people with WEAKNESSES , people like Moses, David etc to the glory of HIS NAME. Weak as you are, God wants to use you Children of God. You might not be wanted now at your work, in your family and at your church but that need to include you shall be seen someday.

You are BETTER than what people think you are TODAY. You may be a subject of discussion, being discussed here and there, Kkkkkkk you are that HALF BRICK. Somebody could have said something that made you INFERIOR. Don't worry. You are a product of GRACE. Your life will be rewritten soon. You are an ASSET children of God. When other people are throwing you away as HALF BRICKS , kkkkk there are other people looking for HALF BRICKS to use. Someone is praying to MEET YOU one day. Someone is desperately looking for you. You are NEEDED SOMEWHERE TO FEEL THE GAP. You are that half brick!!!


Adopted By Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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