"Have A Burden For The Things of God": Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti

In America, some preachers throw Bibles to the people and do funny things to try and open people's hearts. Some splash water on them and some even shake them and say a lot of things trying to convince them.
When people are prepared through prayer, you do not need to do that; you will just preach and people will be blessed. Without prayer the preacher will do funny things.
Ezekiel Guti
It is like some preachers who push people slightly so that they can fall down. No! You do not need to push them down but just to pray enough. If you do not pray people will just laugh and laugh in the flesh and not in the spirit. It will be difficult to reach them because they do not pray. People who pray are very easy to preach. You just open the word of God and they receive.
Prayer must not be like a committee meeting. A real prayer meeting is work. I am talking about the spirit of prayer which draws people without witnessing to them because miracles will happen. Miracles are there to draw people to God and to encourage you in your faith.
People who do not know how to pray will sit on the chair and say, 'Amen,Amen.' They do not even kneel down. Sometimes you find people in trouble with evil spirits in church because they have words only without the power and anointing. You need fervent prayer to have the power and anointing.
(Extract from the book: Guidance and example of a praying church by Apostle Prof. E. H Guti)
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