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She said when we fast we need to read the word not just fast or else it will become like a dieting. Some of the bible books to read are Ezra, Esther, Psalms, Daniel Breaking fast if at 5 or whatever, don't go for the big meal.

You can eat porridge, tea, milk, maybe a little eggs and a lot of water so kidneys have water to wash away salts that gather into a your body or else you will have sharp pain that will even come to effect you bladder .. Drink at least 1,5 to 2 litres of water a day. We don't want to end up praying for you because of ignorance,says mama Guti. We should avoid too much food because it can cause diarrhea
Check These - Fasting Teaching From Dr .Eunor Guti!
Temptation we meet -someone who has never invited you to lunch -know it's not from God .Just excuse yourself and let them know you are praying at your church. Never mind the names .If they offer you a leg of chicken -say no its temptation to make you fail your fasting. Isaiah 58:1 -end-read everyday when fasting for effective fasting we must have a forgiving heart - child - spouse - in-law etc so you can fast with a clean heart. Put a police on your mouth - don't talk too much.
Husband - Don't say everyone is going to fast and you put money in your pocket. Encourage not force people to fast so people can choose whilst food is there. Your prayers will be hindered. Don't scold,fighting,or speak harshly to each other. Be a soft person. Even if you are a manager talk nicely and the authority will make the people obey watch the kids so you are not yelling on them etc. Isaiah 58:5... clean up and don't look sad or sorry, people don't need to see that you are fasting.

Stay Blessed.

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