Family: Your Failure Is My Failure

My cousin managed to complete his army training some years ago. On day he completed his training, he spent the day with me talking about his experiences in the army barracks.

I will never forget the story he told me about his "Push-Ups" experience. He explained to me that they were commanded to do push-ups as their boss counted up-to 50.

Most man know how difficult push-ups are, by the time you reach 20 counts, you arms would be so weak and sore. The greatest challenge was that even when my cousin managed to count to 50, he and his friends would be commanded to do the push-ups again if one of them failed to make it to the 50 count mark. 
The commander will shout "Because of that one, who failed to do 50 push-ups, all of you have to start all over again!"
When he told me this, i started to imagine how unfair this was. I imagined if it were me, how would i feel? I would have done my 50 count but BECAUSE OF THAT ONE who failed, i would have to also do it again.
After a few days of hearing this story, i began to like the idea "Because Of That One ..." In today's world where a brother rejoices when he is more successful than his family members, we need to instill a mindset in people that if one of our family members is a failure, then none of the family members can sit down and relax before helping the struggling family member to rise up.
The army was teaching them teamwork. Teaching them that failure by one is failure by all.
Yes, brothers and sisters, the army commander was right. BECAUSE OF THAT ONE ... (who is in pain or struggling), we can't sit back and relax until he is lifted up also! BECAUSE OF THAT ONE!

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