Pastor is a human being like you.
He has some faults in him like you.
He makes mistakes like you.
While he is still following Christ like you he is a gift to you.
His wife is like other women too.
Archbishop Guti and a member of his church.
She is not an angel, she is like other women. But she is your pastor's wife.
She makes mistakes like other women.
Without her that gift cannot stay with you.
If you are watching them for mistakes they will make mistakes like you.
The Bible says know your pastor and his wife and pray for them.
When you have a problem and ask your pastor to pray for you, God will answer your prayer.
If you are sick when your pastor prays for you it will be easy to get healed.
If you need a blessing when your pastor prays for you, you will receive the blessing.

(Extract from the book: Believers guide for blessings by Apostle Prof. E. H. Guti)