5 Wrong Definitions Of True Love By Ladies

When you ask some ladies to tell you how sure they are that their boyfriends/fiances truly love them, these are the things many of them use as measuring rods for love from their dating partners.

1. SPARE KEY: Some ladies think, once they have a spare key to the room of their boyfriends, it means the guys are crazy in love with them. Dear lady, receive sense in Jesus name! Don't you know that a guy can spread his spare keys among many ladies? You have his spare key with you but you must notify him before coming to his house. Hummmmm, you are not thinking well.

I know a guy who gave his girl friend a spare key and she never met any other lady in his apartment and she does not need to call him before coming, yet this guy was double dating. It was later discovered he won't bring the other lady to his house.
5 Wrong Definitions Of True Love By Ladies
They always meet in his friend's house for sex and all that. It was when it was discovered that he impregnated the lady that has no spare key to his house that they one with spare key went to throw his key into the sea. Wake up lady! Spare key might not spare you from experiencing heart break from a guy that does not love you.

2. SWEET WORDS: Ladies generally are words freak. Soft words can soften the heart of many lady and make them cringe in excitement over a guy. Many guys are good in using words to deceive many ladies into thinking they love them. Precious ladies, remember the devil had sweet words with Eve ,still, at the end of every thing, she still lost the garden. Don't be carried away when that your guy start using his oratory prowess and power to sweep you off your feet. Love is a verb (action) , not just a verbal expression.

3. SEX: Many ladies think that a great sex is equal to a great love. So many ladies think the more they give sex, the more the guy enjoys it, the more he will love them. A guy can be having sex with you 24/7, yet his heart is farrrrrrrrrr from you, only his body is with you. Never think you can use your vagina to buy love because that's the only currency many ladies use today to purchase love.

Apart from your breasts and bumbum, what do you have to offer in a relationship? Different styles of sex you do with a guy can not guarantee his love for you. Some of you are reading this, there was no sex style you did not practice with your Ex, yet, two of you are no more together. If sex guarantees love, may be that guy should still be with you. Any guy asking you to prove your love for him through sex is simply in lust with you, not in love.

4. SOFT FACE: Some guys have tender face. Soft face and they can smile or laugh for the whole world. My sister, the real person is not on the face. Some have soft face but hard heart, hard character, hard mentality, etc. If you think he loves you because he smiles easily and his face looks cool and soft, I pity you. A guy with soft face can make life hard for you if the soft face is what you call love.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA DISPLAY OF LOVE: Yes, I love social media display of love. I do it a lot. It strengthens love and make relationship a role model for other. Yet, it is not a proof of love. The fact that the guy post your pictures on all social media does not mean he truly loves you. The fact that he uses you as his dp, profile picture, screen saver, does not mean you are safe in his hand. I know a guy that paid 1.5 million to secure a big space on a big billboard on the road his girl friend passes in the morning on her way to work and she will pass the same road while coming in the evening.
This guy wrote on the two sides of the mighty and giant billboard for every one to see and particularly for the lady to see 'Rosemary ... ( The lady's surname), I love you. ' and many other beautiful words were written on the billboard with the picture of this lady, yet,at the end of everything, this guy still ended up bathing this lady with acid on her hands and legs.

Love is good when he displays it for you on social media platforms, but still check to be sure it a real love.

Take that love to the laboratory and test it!!!

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