For 18+ Only - Is Sex Food? Church Women Must Know This!

Dear religious woman, Take this note from me, that once you stop having sexual inter cause with your spouse you have created a gap that will determine the smooth running of your home.

Same your Bible said wife or husband should not deny their partners their conjugal right. Same thin applicable unto you when you have sex with her and she complained to you that she is not yet satisfied and you ignore her be careful what your are doing, that you are creating rooms for the enemy to come into your family.

Madam, he has been pleading with you asking you to give it to him but you refused believe me don't call Satan tomorrow, because God won't hear your prayers for his heart to turn back to when your neglect your conjugal duty.
Church lady
Now tell me how are you pleasing God when your husband is an idiot and your pastor is the daddy, you have not respect for him but you have enough for your pastor.

You incite your children against him and encourage them to bow before daddy.

Are you married to your daddy G.O?

Be warned, not to destroy what God has placed in your care to keep and protect.

Note: Christianity is not a religion, the early you know the difference the better you separate it from your sex life.


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