What Women Want In A Man

1. Self-Confidence
Women first mentioned self-confidence as an attractive characteristic that showed them a man was worth their time.
“Now what makes a man irresistible is how well he knows how to play the game? Enough to make me stay but also keep a distance which in the end keeps me intrigued. When a guy stands out from the others…knowing how attractive he is.”- Natalie Noisom (Florida International University)

2. Humor
When it came to actually sticking around because they were enjoying the conversation, girls sought humor more than almost any other quality.
“Funny guys are the best. The ones that don’t take things too seriously unless it deserves to be taken seriously. A guy that is not dramatic.”- Alex Klump (Miami)
“I really like people who make me laugh and just don’t care what people think of them. They are just undeniably who they are and feel no need to fit the norms. It’s an incredibly attractive characteristic.”-Maddie Henderson (Florida Southern College)
Women have things that they also check on males.
3. Ambition
Girls also spoke highly of a man with an ability to go after what he wants. Whether it be in his personal or work life, every girl mentioned their attraction to guys who had a passion and went after it.
“I love a guy with a lot of drive in life…” –Niki Noblett (Texas A&M)

4. Dependability/Consistency
When it came to actually get to know a guy, girls found it much easier and enjoyable to be around a man that kept them guessing about what was next but was readily predictable when it came to what they said they were going to do.
”if someone consistently shows you they care and that their personality is compatible with yours all the time, then it’s a lot easier to trust them and not over-think anything.”-Caitlyn Fisler (Hawaii)

5. Acceptance
Past understanding a guy and having good conversations, girls noted how they wanted to be accepted…whether they were understood or not, they wanted someone to take their side and have faith in them.
“Acceptance is really attractive, I am who I am no matter what and if he’s accepting me, that just makes it so much better.”-Abbi Randall (Florida Southern College)
Most importantly,

6. Honesty
Combining all of these characteristics and attributes together creates an environment of trust and honesty…something most girls noted that they not only craved, but were unwilling to sacrifice when it came down to dealing with a guy.
“It takes a long time for me to trust someone enough to really open up to them. Once I learn more about a guy and he begins to open up to me, which makes me feel like I can trust him. Trust should be mutual.” Haley Lisenba (right) (University of Alabama-Birmingham)
All of these qualities put together makes what girls describe as the perfect dude, but why?
“At the end of the day, I just want someone that can be my best friend!”-Bekah Rex (East Carolina University)
“It’s not all about the outside.”-Natalie Noisom
“I’m always joking around and I want someone who can do that with me. It makes life more fun.”-Haley Lisenba

Like most people, women want consideration from dudes just like your guy friends expect it too. At the end of the day, women are not as hard to understand as they might seem.

By Joshua C Sessums
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