The Power Of "Sorry!"

'I am sorry,' a short but mighty sentence!

If you wish to live long, don't joke with this short sentence, I am sorry. Do you know how many people who had gone to early grave because they neglected the therapeutic power of 'I am sorry.'

Single sorry can stop a war, n prevents millions of men, women including children from dying!

Most of the troubles in most homes are heightened because wives are too big to say 'I am sorry' to their husbands and you can trust the ego of husbands in saying same to their wives.
To apologise is hard yet very powerful.
Quarrel lingers between friends because no party wants to say 'I am sorry.' Each says or asks, why should I be the first to say 'I am sorry?' He or she would beat his or her chest and utter the ego phrase, 'a whole me!'

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the part of the world where saying 'I am sorry' is a hard nut to crack while curses are easily unleashed.

Welcome to the part of the world where people refer to a person who says 'I am sorry' in a midst of a rift as a 'weaker sex': one who is not man enough; one who is foolish.

Welcome to Africa where saying 'I am sorry' is tougher than forcing a donkey to pass through a needle hole.

All of us are victims of this discussion. We have lost valuable assets, money and even lives because of this cheap and affordable sentence 'I am sorry.' It simply cost only a breath of speech.

Husbands say it to their wives and even children whenever they err, wives and children do the same and life goes on fine.

Friends, this is simply a piece to encourage us to cultivate a habit of saying 'I am sorry.' It is difficult but readily affordable.

Learn how to say 'I AM SORRY' even if you are right.

If this message offends you in one way or the other, 'I am sorry'

My apologies.

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