The Power Of A Principle

1. The promises of God only become real to us when we obey the principles that accompany them.
2. No matter who obeys a universal principle, the results remain the same e.g whether a believer or an unbeliever obeys the principle of giving, they will all reap a harvest.
3. Its pointless to claim a promise of God if you are not prepared to meet the condition of its fulfilment.
Principles govern everything that happens on earth.
4. Even though God is love and caring, He will never do what you can do. You have to do your part before God does His part.
5. Your primary focus must not be on the promise of God but on the principle because once you meet the condition, the fulfilment is automatic.
6. When receiving a prophecy always take closer attention to the principle or condition because that is the most important part of prophecy.

Authored by Apostle Adolphas Chibanda.
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