All Men Must Read This - One Erection Can't Make A Man

The place of erection can never be overemphasized in the life of a man. In fact, ability to have erection is one of the way people know a 'complete' man.

A mother will smile while bathing her 1 month old baby boy if she sees his small penis erected. She is not just smiling at the penis. She's actually smiling because with the eyes of vision she is seeing her grandchildren inside that small erected penis.

Inability of any married man to have and sustain erection will pose a serious concern for the wife because it will affect their sexual life & can be a big threat to their child bearing adventure.

Erection, what a mighty blessing to mankind!

When the word 'erection' is mentioned, what comes quickly to the mind is a p*nis standing erect. But I want us to see other recommended erections men must have if they will emerge as stars in life & in their marriage.
Erection is a worry for many men in marriages
1. PENILE ERECTION : This is the most common erection. Almost all men have this type of erection. It is the erection of the penis. It is easy to get. A times, you might not even do anything and you just see yourself having it. This type of erection is necessary for sexual enjoyment among couples& also for procreation. But if it is only pen*s erection you have to boast of as a man; you might not worth more than the value of a penny. No man becomes a super achiever just because of his penile erection.

2. CHARACTER ERECTION: Erection means to build something or to construct something. As men, we must have character erection. Having character erection means we must be men of straightforward character. Our yes must be yes and our No as No. If we are full of dishonesty, lies, hypocrisy, etc, it means we are impotent men. Character erection brings men into distinction.
3. FATHERHOOD ERECTION: You are said to be having this kind of erection when you stand erect in your place as a father. According to Edwin Louis Cole ' fatherlessness is the main problem of our days..' Many men cannot sustain 'erection' in this area. They don't have grip over their children. When your children don't see you as a father in deed. When they can do anything, wear anything, go anywhere without fatherly fear or constrain. Then, know for sure that you are an impotent father! You need fatherhood erection.

4. SPIRITUAL ERECTION: Blessed is that woman that is married to a man with spiritual erection. Men with spiritual erection are men that can stand erect and upright before God. They stand in the word of God; not in the tradition of men or culture. They are fully erected in the place of prayer. Not a man that will be sleeping when family prayer is going on. No man amounts to anything in the hand of God without spiritual erection. Man, get spiritually erected!

5.FINANCIAL ERECTION: Nothing makes a man to be treated like a trash like financial impotency. Financially, men must be fully erect!. Don't be a lazy man. Romance will become nuisance in marriage when money is absent. Fight financial impotency. If you are idle sir, you will cuddle poverty and insult.

6. VISION ERECTION: I wish to see every man having vision erection. Penis erection without vision erection will lead any man into destruction. Get 'vision' erected sir!

A real man is a man who has surrendered his life to the MAN of all men, Jesus Christ the Saviour. Receive him now: "Lord Jesu please come into my heart right now and make me a real man. I will follow you all the days of my life." Be in church! Be fully erected sir!


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