"Endaka Ikoko!" 8 Things A Man Cannot Stand On A Woman

‘All men aren’t the same’ is a mantra we have become all too familiar with. But there are some underlying factors about men that can never be disputed.

They are:

1. No man likes a woman who’s a drama queen. Every time it's you whose always there causing fights and confusion.

2. No man likes a woman who always loves to be in control and can never be talked to. The kind that think she always right as if her brain is an encyclopedia or a carbon copy of the Bible and holds all truth.
"Endaka Ikoko!" 8 Things A Man Cannot Stand On A Woman
3. No man likes a woman that’s too demanding. Especially in this economy, truth is you will be left. Most men are just average and ordinary. So before I steal, rather leave you alone with your crazy lifestyle that you yourself can't pay for.

4. No man likes a woman who rarely smiles and is difficult to please. Every time always serious and frowning as if you are mourning.

5. No man likes a nagging woman. Please give a man some space to breathe. Even when he has made a mistake, find the right time and use proper approach.

6. No man likes it when a woman keeps reminding of his past mistakes.

7. No man likes a woman who’ll undermine his authority. This is very clear and ladies please remember this point.

8. No man likes a woman who will compare him to other men. Especially kuma bedroom issues, salary and income and other issues. A man's mind will think: If you wanna compare why aren't you with those same men you are comparing me to? Endaka ikoko!

Men please be patient with your wives even when the bore you. Ladies let us learn.

Men and Ladies, Christ is our answer. God is the one who created relationships and marriage and their perfecter. Receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour now and be always in Church!

I am praying for your relationship to be successful in Jesus' name!

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