Apostle Pride Sibiya: My Life Journey to Salvation

The life of Glory Ministries founder, Apostle Pride Sibiya is a clear testimony of the effectiveness of gospel outreach programmes to win lost souls for Jesus Christ.

As an evangelist, he always maintains the war-cry: “Mega souls ndomisodzi yangu Baba (many souls are my heart-cry Father”).

“When I was young in the early 80s, my parents got an invitation to attend a gospel crusade which was being held by Evangelist Reinhard Bonke under the auspices of Christ For All Nations (C.F.A.N),” he recounts.
 Apostle Pride Sibiya: My Life Journey to Salvation
 Apostle Pride Sibiya: My Life Journey to Salvation 
“My parents took me to the crusade so that he would pray for me since I was not well in my health. As a young boy I was not very anxious to listen to whatever was happening,” he adds.

When the alter-call time came, Apostle Sibiya made a decision that changed his life.

“However, after the Word, when the evangelist in 1984 made the call for people to receive Christ, I lifted my hand and my parents had to accompany me to the alter-call,” he recalls.

The road in Christ has not been an easy one for the youthful apostle. After backsliding and restoration to God, Apostle Sibiya says he is happy to be serving in a similar crusade 33 years after he was saved.

Three decades later, the same crusade team arrives in Chitungwiza, his birth town to find their convert is no longer a young, but a Bishop and notable leader in the Kingdom of God.

Today he leads close to 100 assemblies in four different nations.

“It is encouraging to note that for those who are in the vineyard of God are not labouring in vain. In every one of those they minister, there are millions they are influencing through touching a simple soul,” says Apostle Sibiya.

Glory Ministries is a full gospel, apostolic church 15 years old (2016). It believes in the superiority of Jesus Christ and the vision is summarised in the acronym Ex.Pr.E.S.S.

Glory Ministries Churches

Bethel District Overseers Brighton and Rosemary Madziro [District Pastors: (+263 773 819 942/+263 773 242 721)
1. Bethel Worship Centre Brighton and Rose Madziro [District Pastors]
(+263 773 819 942/+263 773 242 721)
2. Nyatsime Satellite: Ronald Shayanewako
3. Arda Satellite: Brighton and Rose Madziro
4. Hwedza: Brighton and Rose Madziro
5. Zengeza 3 Extension Satelite: Christian and Clara Neshamba
6. Zengeza 3 Satelite Cuthbert Nyakurwa

Marondera District Pastors A and G. Masenyama [District Pastors]
(+263773 069 395/+263 773 523 112)
1. Marondera City: Alois and Gladys Masenyama
2. Marondera Wedza: Alois and Gladys Masenyama
3. Rusape Sarah Mukorekwa

Chakari Dps A and T Makumbi [District Pastors]
(+263 773 644 014/+263 776 646 067)
1. Chakari Archibolt and Thenjiwe Makumbi
2. Driwell Brian Gatsi
3. Cotton Pickers Archibolt and Thenjiwe Makumbi
4. KapunduDouglas and Franrose Mkhandla
5. Kadoma Ingezi Assembly Archibolt and Thenjiwe Makumbi
Glory Ministries leaders Apostle and Mama Sibiya.
Glen-View District Overseers M and A Chinoruma [District Pastors]
(+263 772 691 200/+263 772 843 275)
1. Ramah-Zion Worship Centre Maxwell and Abgail Chinoruma
2. Glen Norah Tafadzwa Muza
3. Highfield Kiyadhi Dhluni
4. Riverside Shelton and Brenda Chibi
5. Norton Adolf and Mary Mandidzinga
6. Ngezi Fredrick and Kudzai Jumo
7. Chipinge Albert and Hamunyari Njagu
8. Gweru Fiona Manda

Southlea Park Dp Kiyard Dhluni [District Pastors] 
(+263 772 882 879/+263 772 904 734)
1. Southlea Park Worship Center Admire and Tarisai Musakwa
2. Ushewokunze Satellite Admire and Tarisai Musakwa
3. Arda: Passmore Chimbandinga
4. Amsterdam Satellite: Admire Chandisaita

Bindura District: DPs Admire and Tariro Musakwa
1. Chipadze assembly Admire and Tariro Musakwa
2. Shamva Assembly: Tapiwa Chimunye
3. Shamva Satelite: Tapiwa Chimunye

Zengeza 4 District Pastor O. and A. Patsika - [District Pastors]
(+263 774 695 763+ 263 718 466 841)
1. Piniel Worship Centre Oudney and Annatolia Patsika
2. New Zengeza 4 Moses and Linda Tavaziva
3. Seke Unit D Mayorson Matsivo 

St. Mary’s Manyame District Pastor T and P. Gonsaro [District Pastors]
(+263 771 167 957 +263 776 181 139)
1. Hebron Worship Centre Tonderai and Patience Gonsaro
2. St Mary’s Satellite Kudakwashe Nyenza

Zengeza District Dp Mike Zvimba [District Pastor]
(+263 773 909 546/+263 778 096 668)
1. Zoe Worship Centre Mike Zvimba
2. Adullam Worship Centre Praise Vellem
3. Zengeza 1 Satellite Moses and Shamiso Mukata

Mainway District Pastors P and M. Namane [District Pastors]

1. (+263 772 319 024/+263 733 411 974)
2. Mainway 1 Mackalp and Precious Namane
3. Mvurachena Kuda Masenyama
4. Koala Satellite Anderson and Fari Sitoro
5. Adbernie assembly Mackalp and Precious Namane
6. Eyecourt assembly Pawandiwa and Emma Simuka
7. Uplands Satelite Tawanda and Sharon Macheka

Msasa District Pastors J and H Mwedzi [District Pastors]
(+263 774 831 037/+263 772 592 980)
1. Masasa James and Hilda Mwedzi
2. Eastiview 1 Taonashe and Mercy Shereni
3. Eastiview 2 Taonashe and Mercy Shereni
4. Epworth James and Hilda Mwedzi

Seke District Evangelists G and P. Chibika [District Pastors]
(+263 773 833 689/+263 775 414 129)
1. Eagle-Life Worship Centre Gibson and Prim Chibika
2. Vhera Gibson and Prim Chibika
3. Chirimamhunga Memory Daka
4. Unit F satellite Gram Nhongonhema
5. Dema Gibson and Prim Chibika

Harare District Apostles J and T. Masenyama [District Pastors]

(+263 773 751 272/+263 712 236 483)
1. Inner City Worship Centre Johannes and Thelma Masenyama
2. Avenues Johannes and Thelma Masenyama
3. Murehwa-Juru Moses and Albina Chamanga
4. Domboshawa Prince Moyo5. Marlborough Satellite Blessing Chinyama

Rural District DPs Christian and Clara Neshamba
1. Mutoko: Lawrence Masenyama
2. Odzi: Albert and Hamunyari Njagu
3. Gweru: Fiona Manda
4. Chipinge: albert and Hamunyari Njagu

South Africa Overseers S and C Masenyama [District Pastors]

(+27 71 970 9910/+27 83 593 6352)
1. Joburg Gilbert and Dorica Makore
2. Rustenburg Innocent and Acqueline Mugwagwa
3. Durban Reuben and Thandanani Dzemiti
4. Durban Stanger: Stanley and Kudzai Dula
5. Pretoria: Noah and Salome Mutasa
6. Krugersdorp: Elrich and Ruvimbo Denhere
7. Capetown- Khayelitsha Brian and Rutendo Mundopa
8. Capetown- Strand Evidence Karuma
9 Cape Town Delft: Evidence and Xolelwa Karuma
10. Cape Town Fishhoek: Musekiwa and Memory Hazvina
11. Capetown Vydernburg Joel and Maureen Chabveka
12. Port Elizabet: Maxwell and Precious Mabota

1. Kapiri Mposh Pastors Victor and Theresa Chisenga +260 969620435


Chitungwiza Province Ev. B and R. Madziro [Overseers]

1. Bethel District Ev B and R. Madziro [District Pastors]
2. Zengeza District Ev. M. Zvimba [District Pastor]
3. St Mary’s - Manyame District Pastors T and P. Gonsaro [District Pastors]
4. Seke District Ev G. Chibika [District Pastor]
5. Zengeza 4 District Pastors O and A. Patsika [District Pastors]

Harare Province Apostle J and T. Masenyama [Overseers]
1. Mainway District Pastors M and P Namane [District Pastor]
2. Msasa District Pastors J and H Mwedzi [District Pastor]
3. Harare District Apostle J and T. Masenyama[District Pastors]

Harare South Province Overseer M and A Chinoruma

1. Glen-View District Overseers M & A Chinoruma [District Pastors]
2. Southlea Park Dp A and T Musakwa [District Pastors]
3. Marondera District Pastor A and G. Masenyama [District Pastors]
4. Chakari District Ev. A and T Makumbi [District Pastors]
5. Chipinge Assembly
6. Ngezi Assembly
7. Gweru Assembly

Ministry Directors
1. City to City Intercessory Ministries - Deacon M Mukata
2. Dawn Evangelistic Ministries - Evangelist G.T Chibika
3. Glory Conference -  Dp A Musakwa
4. Youth Alive - Pastors Chinhengo
5. Chief of Ministers - Reverend O. and A. Patsika
6. Glory Media
7. Singles Pastor -  M Daka
8. Chaplaincy - Pastor P Vellem
9. Bible School Principal - Pastor Hilda Mwedzi
10. Compassion Ministry - Prophets Neshamba
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