18+ Stop Boring Sex: Silent Participators

I wonder how some men cope with ladies who do not moan and scream during sex. Let's be frank and sincere, is it a sin for a Christian to have a ringing tone while having sex to show how much they are enjoying their spouse? 

How can your husband be banging you and you will not be making any sounds at all? Sex that has no moans, is that one sex? Some even referred to it as ringing tones. There are some things that don't need to be taught and moaning during sex is one of them. You don't need to be taught that you have to moan or voice out your ringing tone while having sex. 

But unfortunately, some ladies are so boring, so archaic and so religious that no matter how hard the husband try, no matter how sweet the sex is, they will rather suppress the confession instead of letting out the irresistible moans. 
18+ Stop Boring Sex: Silent Participators
Is appreciating your lover in bed a sin?
- Please try and moan! Moaning makes his erection to last longer.
- Moaning gives him a sense of confidence.
- Moaning tells him that your body and soul are into the show.
- Moaning makes him to hit you harder. In fact, the louder the moans, the sweeter the wet spot to him. Don't just lie there as a dead body. Be part of the sex.
- Moaning energises him.

Some ladies are so annoying that while they are being laid, they will be so absent minded to the extent that man will be wondering whether he is sexing a human or a dead body. Some will just spread their wet spot while the man is sweating himself out hitting the wet spot. That is so bad. It kills the passion. It makes the man feel he is forcing you to have sex with him. It makes a sex that should last for 50mins to last for 15mins. Please moan! Baby moan out loud! It does not matter what you are moaning about, just make sure you are screaming and making some romantic sounds.  

And sometimes, start crying out of excess sweetness of the sex. Also remember to suck his ear lobes as you both are glued to each other. If you have never sucked his inner ear lobes during sex, then you are missing out. Wet his ears with your deep licking. It tickles him and sends him out of this world. Make sure you don't miss out on the nipples too! You will even enjoy it. Try it tonight. And please don't forget to moan . Develop your own ringing tones today, it will help your marriage.

But do not just improve your sex life with your husband and forget your relationship with God Almighty. What is mind-blowing sex if you will die and go to hell. Receive Jesus Christ right now and ask for forgiveness of your sins and on Sunday be in church!

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