12 Reasons Why You Must Not Be A Church Migrator

There is a serious movement of people enmasse across churches in the last 10 years and the tide seems not to be stopping. This is causing serious confusion in the church and Body of Christ.

Let me give you 12 Reasons on why you should not be a habitual church migrator (munhu anongochinja chinja machechi sehembe):
1. Its violating the principle of the family. In church we are a family and strong families stay together even in hard times.
2. It causes spiritual barrenness because no tree yields fruit if it is constantly uprooted and replanted.
3. It shows lack of direction and focus.
Apostle Pride Sibiya reads one of his books on Church.
4. It brings disharmony on the body of Christ.
5. It’s a sign of laziness. If you look closely you may discover that the one who really needs to change is you and not the church. It maybe that you are too lazy to work out your salvation but just blame your church for that.
6. You confuse your children and family.
7. You will be portraying a bad example to the world.
8. It shows lack of maturity. Mature people do not run away from problems but they solve problems.
9. You will be short changing the church from benefitting from your gifts. The church needs your gift and if you move out, who will do the good that you have been doing?
10. No normal pastor wants you to leave his church (john 17:12). Remaining in your church lessons the burden of your pastor and encourages him to soldier on.
11. You will be setting a bad example to those in the church. Though you may not know it but someone is learning from you. Everyone in the church is leading someone.
12. When times of hardship come you will have the support of your church.
However, my Father Apostle Sibiya in his book Why should I go to church says you can leave a church when there is serious deviance from the truth, the church has become a cult and has a wrong foundation.

Authored by Apostle Adolphas Chibanda.
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