Vanhu Vanozoti Chii?

The phrase " VANHU VANOZOTI CHII" is holding us back as black people.

1. You spend lot of money on things you do not need because "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII" if you look simple.

2. You are stuck in a dead relationship because if you leave him and go back home "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII"

3. You know you want a simple hairstyle but you put on an expensive weave because "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII"
Vazhinji vanotya zvinofungwa nevanhu pamusoro pavo.

4. You didn't buy the Honda Vitz you can afford to pay installments for and save money instead you bought a BMW and are now stuck in debt because you are educated and "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII"

5. The school in your area is not that bad but you took your kids to an expensive private school in town because "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII"

6.Your friends don't like your girlfriend or they have better looking girifriends than yours so you treat your girl like an option all because "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII"

7. You know that you love Tafadzwa but you are with Wicknell because Tafadzwa is broke and Wicknell is filthy rich "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII" if I date a guy who is broke.

8. You disowned your daughter after she got pregnant because "VANHU VANOZOTI CHII" I am a pastor.

Question is are you living for others' opinion or your God?

When will you ask yourself kuti "MWARI VANOZOTI CHII NAZVO?"
Tanga nekubvunza kuti Mwari vanotii nemararamiro andirikuita panyika wogashira Ishe Jesu saIshe naMambo weupenyu hwako. Uende kuSvondo!

Adopted By Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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