Signs That The Marriage Is On The Rocks

Marriages don't just fall apart overnight; bad habits, constant arguing, and lack of quality time together can lead to destruction. If you don't recognize early signs of trouble, and do something about it, you will end up in a place saying, "How did we get here?"
If you do not work on a marriage it will break down.
Here's some early signs of trouble to look for:
1) You can't remember the last time you did something with just your spouse
2) You and your spouse sleep in separate rooms
3) You two haven't had sex in weeks
4) You use pass codes on your phones
5) Your conversations are only about the kids or finances
6) You stop greeting each other with hugs and kisses
7) You work late just because you dread going home
8) You spend more time with your friends than your spouse
9) Everything turns into an argument
10) You stay mad at each other for days

My husband and I experienced all of these things but instead of fixing the problems, we let them linger until we both we're miserable and wanted a divorce. Don't make the same mistakes we did.

By Rachael Smith
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