Empowering The Girl-Child to DIVORCE!

Some people, especially women think finding a marriage partner and getting married is so hard. Most times, it is like that because they are already married and they don't even know. All they need to do is to divorce. 
1. Divorce that imaginary husband you put on facebook when you put your relationship status "married" or "engaged" and you know in your heart there is no one. 
2. Divorce that Boyfriend in your head: No, your boyfriend is NOT your husband. Women's minds have supersonic speed when a man seems to love them deeply, they begin to see him as a husband whereas he's not even said any such thing. This is a very bitter truth. Deal with it. If a man, a real man finds a wife in a woman, he won't waste time in marrying her. One year is too much. You stay engaged to a man for more than 5 years he's no longer a fiance he's a fence. Am sure u can use your hopes for something else. 
Permitted to walk away.
3. Divorce that father of your child. Seriously, its very common in Africa that when a girl gives birth out of wedlock, she nurses BIG hopes that she the father of the child will marry her and these hopes can keep her grounded for so long. In fact, she feels married to him and behaves married to him, and this makes the guy even more lazy or reluctant because he knows this one is mine, she's going nowhere. I have no pressure. 
4 Divorce that long distance relationship. One day, Someone told me a very bitter truth which hurt me deeply but which also taught me a good lesson. He said "I am a man. I live in America. And we men, we will NOT be out there while a woman we truly love is back here in Africa. For one two three four five years. It's not done. If he's not making any efforts, if you're not going to the embassy and getting refusals and he's not re-trying other means, showing he desperately wants you to be with him there... That man is NOT your husband. Forget. You're just 'the girl back home for fun whenever he visits home'. Many many many and even many women in africa stay unmarried because of this and they will not listen to any man who comes their way. 
5. Divorce that ex: No he's never coming back. Stop waiting. Stop begging. Move on that's why he is ex as in EX-pired! Get a life! 
6. Divorce that cover up. Remove that ring from your wedding ring finger. You not only block your chances physically, you block your chances spiritually. You wear a ring on your marriage finger, it doesn't go unoccupied my friend. There is no place meant to be occupied which stands unoccupied. If a real husband is not occupying that finger, you are inviting a spiritual husband to occupy you. And you know spiritual husbands... They can keep you physically unmarried all your life. Free that finger. 
7. Divorce that so-called fiancee who doesn't respect you. if he doesn't respect your family, your values, your friends... Divorce him!!! Any man that beats you up whilst in a relationship will kill you in marriage. On the other hand check out how he treats his family and friends too. A man with no respect for his mum and dad will never respect your own family either. You are just too big to babysit a grown man's ego. Divorce him ehhh! ** there's no shame in bearing a status "unmarried" or single. 
You are NOT married until you are married. No matter how in love you are. If you see a man you want to marry and you think you can live with him forever, present the case to God and leave it there. 
But divorce those men in your head, on your finger and on the internet. Your problem is that those things make you look too married to be married. They manifest on you and block your chances. Get a divorce so you can get a marriage.
Adopted By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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