8 Traits Of A Man You Must Never Marry

Hello my sister. I just thought I should talk to you about this one as you consider the future in your relationships. Here is a list of traits that you should look out in the man who says that he wants to marry you. If he has these, RUN!

1. He has anger issues. A man with anger issues is one man you must avoid marrying.Even if he has never taken his anger on you,you have seen and witnessed how he reacts to others when annoyed. Don't ever fool yourself that he will remain calm with you.The chances of that are very slim.
An abusive man is a "no,no!"

2. He is bad with money. A man who is not responsible is one you must never marry.Some men are savers others are spenders.You have to be careful with bringing your future into the life of someone who has financial trouble.He might begin to use your money to cover his own debts or bad habits that make him a irresponsible. 

3. He acts like a teenager. A man whose mind and brain is not well fully- developed is a man you must avoid at all times.Being young at heart is a good thing but wearing funky clothes,using excessive slang in his language,high take- off at robots and spending too much time on games and clubs are a dangerous signal of how youthful and vain a mind you are bringing into your life is. 

4. He is a heavy drinker or a smoker. A man who drinks drop dead is a man you never must give any hope of marriage.You do it at your own high risk.A drunkard is hard to stay with especially as a husband.The habits of a blurred mind every day in the home begin to be an annoyance and most drunkards do not have any worthile means of income.They become prodigals.A man who smokes is a not marriage type.Smoking is dangerous to your heath and a smoky environment is not what you want. 

5. He is a mama's boy. A man who listens on everything to his mom is not a man you can trust to be the leader of a home.He has no will.He has no backbone.His home is run by his mom and you are at her mercy.You dont want to have two husbands in your marriage.Your male husband and his mom. 

6. He is secretive. If he has not been open enough with you and you discover almost all important issues about him on your own,he is the man you do not want in your life.He has no trust and he doesnt value you. 

7. He has cheated. A man you have caught to be cheating you must never,ever marry.He risks your health and your life.He does not think you are adequate for him.He does not care about your pain.Above all,he normally does not change.He only gets worse.You marry this one entirely at your own risk 

8. He is self-centered. A selfish man can love you but he will only love himself more. Much of your relationship will be about what he wants and what keeps him happy.When he is not given his own way,a self- centred person can throw a temper tantrum and even become mean and annoyed. 

9. He wants you to co-habit with him. A man who asks you to move in or moves in with you without marrying you first is a dangerous man.Mostly he only does so for convenience sake.His convenience. Nothing will really come up out of the co-habitation in many years except children and stress on your part. In the end it just dies and you are left cheaper and more desperate. 

Marrying a man who has many of the above traits can spell trouble for your marriage.It is important to marry someone who can compliment you than impact on your life in a negative way. 

Adopted and edited by Apostle Pride Sibiya
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