Check These 6 Betrayals That Hurt Apart From Cheating

Cheating on your partner might be one of the most hurtful experiences and betrayal one can experience in a relationship, but there are so many other forms of betrayals that can as well hurt.

The fact that you aren’t cheating on your partner doesn’t mean you aren’t hurting that person. There are so many other forms of betrayals that can hurt your partner.

1. EMOTIONAL DISTANCE: Emotional distance just hurts as much as being cheated on. When there is a divide between you and your partner emotionally this can cause even physical separation in that relationship. Emotional distance occurs when one partner refuses to connect with the other partner emotionally and neglects the emotional needs of his / her partner.

2. BEING DISHONEST: Dishonesty is another form of betrayal. When your partner can’t trust you because you are never truthful then that’s also betrayal. It hurts to have a partner that you just can’t believe in.

3. TAKING YOUR PARTNER FOR GRANTED: Taking your partner for granted and not treating them like they are worth something to you is another form of betrayal that could hurt as much as being cheated on. When you care less about your partner and take for granted their happiness and needs, you have subjected them to betrayal.
Check These 6 Betrayals That Hurt Apart From Cheating
4. WHEN YOU NO LONGER TREAT YOUR PARTNER WITH RESPECT: Respect is needed from both partners for the relationship to be successful. However, when you no longer treat your partner with respect, then that’s a form of betrayal. Doing things without your partner’s consent, shouting at your partner and not valuing your partner’s opinion are some signs of disrespect to your partner.

5. MANIPULATING YOUR PARTNER: It’s unfair and a huge form of betrayal when you use your partner’s weakness to your advantage. Attempting to control your partner is also another form of manipulation. Whether your partner is aware of this or not, manipulating your partner or using their love for you against them is a huge form of betrayal.
6. SELFISHNESS: Selfishness is common among many relationship partners and whether you are aware of this or not, selfishness is a form of betrayal. When you think only about yourself in the relationship or always place your wants and opinion above your partner’s, then that’s a form of betrayal.

Consciously or unconsciously, many partners are guilty of many of these forms of betrayal in not only relationships, but marriages as well.

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