25 Characteristics Of Dreamers - Are You One?

1. The majority, initially, cannot understand them.

2. They are always opposed.

3. They are always hated by many including those close to them,especially when the maturity of their dreams are not on.

4. They are crowd pullers when their dreams bears fruits.

5. They are great kings.

6. They are wise.

7. They are humble and patient

8. They don't put their trust on people but much in GOD.

9. They are loving.

10. They are forgiving to all enemies who wished them bad luck and feed them when they come back.
25 Characteristics Of Dreamers - Are You One?
11. They are never discouraged by the opposition they encounter on their journey.

12. Their future is not built in haste because it is genuine and Original.

13. They have GOD'S heart and mind in operational in them.

14. No single word spoken from/by them never come to pass

15. They are GOD'S best choice and most favoured by GOD.

16. Curses and woes goes to all people who oppose them.
17. They are never shaken with any external wind.

18. They're great swords and fire in GOD'S hands.

19. They're great worshipers because GOD always do great things to them.

20. People opposing them never prosper instead they become their servants.

21. Fighting them you make them even more famous.

22. Trials, rejections, Temptations & opposition are ladders for their prosperity.

23. No limitation is attached to their life.

24. They are fruitful on season & off season.

25. They are rejected by many but loved by GOD. The best reference in the Bible is Joseph, son of Jacob(Genesis 49:22). He had two prophetic dreams and when he shared to his parents and brothers, Fierce enmity sprout up within the family. He encountered all sorts of discouragement but he never gave up until he became the best successful dreamer.

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