18+ How Can I Satisfy My Wife Sexually?

Dear Ikemsinachi Nwafor, My wife complains of not enjoying sex most of the time. In fact, I think she has only enjoyed sex a few times in our marriage. When I tried delaying/suppressing ejaculation, I realised that it was becoming more difficult to sustain an erection so I decided to free myself and this means that once I'm in, I release in the next five to seven minutes, when she might have just entered the bus and this leaves her upset. I don't know why she hardly gets orgasms but she doesn't like me touching her pussy or licking it (she believes it's dirty, but in fact I think it's juicy). Her favourite style is the spoon style (I enter from the back while we're lying down). This style wasn't comfortable for me before but when I saw that it's her favourite I had to adjust my system and it's my favourite now. In fact I love the style more than her. please sir help me out, i want her happiness sexually.
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Dear sender, You must be a sweet husband to desire how to help your wife enjoy sex with great passion and fulfillment. From your observation it's obvious that good and quality sex makes her more beautiful than any makeup or dress. 

Sexual intimacy is not a regimented, strict and procedural act, it is in fact an exploration and discovery of sexual triggers or what you may call erotic zones; get the wholeness of your partner and allowing your imagination to get the best of your passion and sexual fantasy. One of the best ways to get a woman vibrating to your touch is through communication, more communication, and much more communication. Tell her how sweet she is, she can't really tell how sweet she is, but hearing that from you will make every part of her body to respond to your touch. No matter how reserved or naive a lady is, she will always respond to your sweet, sexy, and raw sexual communications. Baby your nipples gives me divine injection in my body, I feel so empowered whenever I suck your sweet chocolate nipples. 

Pay attention to every dots and kiss each of them. Use the back of your tongue to rub on her nipples, use your thumb to gently draw a circle on her nipples. Since it's her best erotic zone, bros, there are million and one ideas you can create with her nipples. Imagine applying honey all around her breast and licking them up, imagine buying her sweet and sexy bra just to appreciate her breast and make her feel confident in her breast. Imagine waking her up with your mouth on her nipples, imagine when she's in the kitchen or taking shower, then you intentionally distract her by grabbing her breast, imagine kissing her nipples before leaving for work... Imagine, imagine, and imagine... I won't give you more expos... Encourage her to read this with you so that both of you can catch the vision of imagination. 

Most ladies grew up with the mindset that the vagina is dirty, yucky, and not good enough for sexual exploration. Some were able to allow their husband to try something different and they realised how sweet it is for a man to be kind enough not only in doing dishes in the kitchen but in washing the plate of his beloved wife (what on earth am I talking about?.. Oh dear!). Whenever your wife worries about what she shouldn't be worried about, be a romantic man, take her to the bathroom, shower together with her, and while you are taking shower with her, offer to help clean up her vagina, I mean every lady will allow you to help clean her up.  

Make sure that you are well prepared for the beautiful exploration by cutting your finger nails, and making sure that you are neat in every sense of the word. Dirty body naturally turn women off from sexual intimacy. Now since spoon seems to be working, you can recreate something beautiful with spoon. Rule of thumb to giving a woman great orgasm, always strike her g-spot. G-spot is located at the roof of the clitoris, so pay attention and position your penis to strike the G-spot and the clitoris when you are thrusting with your partner. When next you want to try spoon with her, let her bend her legs as though she's bringing it to her stomach, and also close her legs, that will push her vagina out to you and allow you to hit her g-spot harder and better. 

 Again, encourage her to experiment with doggy style, she won't regret it at all. Again you can try missionary position but this time try using your two hands to bend her legs to her chest while you thrust in on her, she just might see the stars...Lol One sexual position will make sex boring and dull, again this is why God gave both of you the power to imagine and create your sexual world. You can also encourage her to be in charge by allowing her to mount the podium for some good lovemaking. Not only will this help you last longer, she will also testify to your magic wands. Inhibiting your imaginative ability during lovemaking will negatively impact on the quality of your sexual fantasy and fulfillment in your marriage. 

Remember, don't be like a dildo that doesn't talk, express yourself, or feel naughty, but is only powered to thrust and then switch off. Express yourself, talk naughty, anyhow, and whatever you feel. If her vagina is tight, soft, sweet, wet, or powerful, please feel free to say it, she wants to hear you loud and clear. For a woman's body, things like that powers her up and before you know it, she will be vibrating to your tender touch. 
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Some home work for you, kiss her ears, massage her thighs, massage the soul of her feet, caress her buttocks tenderly, and kiss the end of her spinal cord, that's the part that hooks up with the buttocks. Her reaction will tell if she is aroused there or not. Take it a step at a time, and maybe someday you may discover a new oil well.

Also remember, avoid energy drinks, sugar, fat, or alcohol. Exercise often and remember to eat more of garlic, ginger, white onions, moringa, and some good fruits like water melon, cashew, wall-nut and groundnuts. They will help your system last longer and better. When you urinate, try holding back your urine for thirty seconds, and continue this exercise as often as possible. Also try to breath deeply and rub your tongue on the roof of your mouth while thrusting, and avoid rushing things. Take it slowly and increase your pace with time, it will help you to last longer and at the same time gain control over your penis. 

By Alozie Ikemsinachi Nwafor.
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