The Power of Cell-Group Churches with Apostle Pride Sibiya

What is a Cell-Group? The word “cell” comes from the Latin “cella” meaning, small room. In science, a cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism. 

In human communities it means, a small room in which a prisoner is locked up or in which a monk or nun sleeps. In politics it is a small group forming the nucleus of political activity. In electrics a cell is a device containing electrodes immersed in an electrolyte to generate electrical current.

The cell group is a meeting usually of less than 20 families that meets under the banner of a church to bring church closer home and also to emphasise on discipleship, evangelism and fellowship. A cell-church is a church that has comprehended and lives by the principle that the cell group is the most basic and most powerful way of church growth and survival. Is your church a cell church?

Power of a cell group.

The cell is powerful in that:

1. Cell groups are a close attack combat on the enemy. Thiefs and robbers are never worried when the ten thousand police officers do all their policing duties at the police station. They will continue ravaging people’s lives. They only get worried when the police start to patrol in the neighbourhoods because they are now being bombarded in their own environment. Satan is not worried about evangelists who stay in the church doing ministry there but has a head-ache when the gospel is taken straight into the neighbourhood that he thought was his.

2. People are, geographically, closer, in the same community, therefore, know one another personally and this helps in times of need. The leader has the ability to know everyone personally. Life moments like parties, funerals and memorial services are easily managed in the same local community.

3. Jesus called us to be fishers of men. The big meetings are like the net with very big openings. So many fish escape the net because of this. On the contrary the cell groups are a networks of a big net broken down into smaller units therefore has capacity to trap more fish. It is like the smaller opening of the bigger net, evangelism is spontaneous. Are you a wise fisherman?

4. It is smaller hence more manageable than the bigger service. Even when an urgent message has to be passed to or from the church office, it is easier through using the cell system. In a church of ten thousand (10 000) members, each cell leader has to communicate with just twenty (20) people, for example.
5. It is a platform for the five-fold and other ministries to be fully trained and matured before great exposure comes by giving all members a chance to minister to others. It is here that the cell leaders must discover, groom and release the gifting of individuals. Here, all are free to participate. In the Sunday meetings there is no time to give everyone time to preach. Cell groups develop ministers to plant more churches.

6. People feel like they are part and parcel of the revival going on, they take ownership of the vision. When few people meet in their neighbourhood they feel they are being used of God to do the work. These people are excited and motivated. Such people naturally tend to grow spiritually and also bring in other people to church.
7. In the cell people are free to ask questions hence better understand the Word. They can also share intricate details and prayer requests with fewer people in a more private and intimate environment.

8. It is an opportunity for the cell leader to reinforce the Sunday preaching and teaching by the local head pastor, in a more free and down-to-earth environment.

9. It is smaller hence easier to notice that someone has backslidden or is in need. Visiting the sick, helping people in need is easier.

10. It is the easiest platform to retain members since Jesus is against wastage of resources especially human: John 6:12 “When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.”
The Power of Cell-Group Churches with Apostle Pride Sibiya

The Power of Cell-Group Churches with Apostle Pride Sibiya
The Power of Cell-Group Churches with Apostle Pride Sibiya
The Power of Cell-Group Churches with Apostle Pride Sibiya
The Power of Cell-Group Churches with Apostle Pride Sibiya
The Power of Cell-Group Churches with Apostle Pride Sibiya

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