Signs That Your Guy Is Still In Love With His Ex!

1. He won’t make a commitment to you. He’s just not ready to commit himself to you. Whenever you try to bring up the status of your relationship during conversations, he’s going to shy away from it because he doesn’t want to give you a definitive answer.

He doesn’t want to tie himself down to you just yet because deep down, he’s still entertaining the possibility of getting back together with his ex. He’s only treating you as if you’re a second option.

2. He will try to force his ex into your own conversations with one another. Even though you don’t ask him about his ex, he still manages to bring her into your conversations somehow. You don’t think much of it at first, but if he does it on a consistent basis, then you should worry. No proper guy who is over his ex-girlfriend would ever be bringing her up in conversations with a girl he is currently dating. That’s just plain disrespectful and downright wrong.
Signs That Your Guy Is Still In Love With His Ex!
3. He still hangs out with his ex on a consistent basis even when you’re not there. Uh oh. This is a big no-no. There should be no reason at all for him to be hanging out with his ex when you’re not there. The only plausible explanation that he would be doing that is if he were actually still in love with her. You shouldn’t tolerate actions like this and you should be calling your man out on it.

4. He still interacts with her on social media often. It may just be an innocent like on Instagram or a casual comment on Facebook. That’s no problem at all… unless he’s doing it on a consistent basis. It’s one thing for your man to actually still have social media connections with his ex, but it’s just downright weird for him to be interacting with her all the time too.

5. He uses her as a benchmark for you. He always compares you to her. Whenever he’s upset with you, he will bring up something that his ex used to do better in a way that will make you feel bad. He will bring her up in arguments and he will tell you that his ex would never upset him in the way that you’re doing now.

6. He’s just plain inconsistent when it comes to your relationship. Don’t waste your time chasing after a guy who is hot one minute and cold on the next. You need consistency in your life and dating a man who is still in love with his ex is just a bad idea altogether.

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