Refuse Local Champion Status

Today we read from 1 Chronicles and learn about discerning Local Championship. The Scripture says: "Now Jabez was more honourable than his brothers and his mother called his name Jabez saying, because I bore him in pain"(1 Chronicles 4:9)

We all know that Jabez was born in pain. From the look of things, he was also born in abject poverty. From vs 10 we see how through prayer Jabez managed to breakthrough to a position of honour. May God raise you to a place of honour! 

Thank God for Jabez he became a champion. Apostle Sibiya celebrates Jabez in this regard but has a problem with his constituency. Jabez became more honourable than "his brothers." His constituency of influence and honour was "his brothers." Apart from his brothers, Jabez was not honourable. Jabez was a local champion! It is very possible that the enemy and your lack of capacity can easily lead you to be a local champion. You are like the best student in the last class where you lead the pack with total average 45%. In the next class the lowest has 50%. Waita number 1 muclass yemadofo! You are a local champion while others are international champions. Because you pay fees for the rural kid at $5/term your brothers consider you a champion but are you really an international champion? 
Refuse Local Champion Status
While both Jabez and Jesus where from the same tribe, Judah, and both were born in the same conditions they had different results. Jesus also started from a position of dishonour. His brothers made a follow up on him when he was starting off in ministry to bring him back home thinking he was mad. Years later after his death and subsequent ressurection his brothers became his apostles and bondservants and referred to him as Lord. Moreover today Jesus is not just more honourable than his own brothers but was given a name above every other name (Philippians 2:9-10).

Jesus transcends the limitations placed on him by culture, tradition, prevailing conditions, status quo, hunger, famine, disease, bad publicity and every negativity to become a local champion. May God break every limitation before you...May you cease to be a local champion...May you be better than where you are today, in the name of the International Champion, Jesus Christ


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