Serving God In Your Youth - The Antidote To Future Regret with Apostle Pride Sibiya

A man’s youthful days are the critical bridge between childhood and old age. It is the right period of our lives that we have both the physical and mental strength and are daring, having hearts that are filled with visions of the future. 

Many have regrets today at their old age as a result of the decisions they took and the choices they made when they were young, energetic, vibrant and strong.

The devil says, “Youth for pleasure, middle age for business, old age for religion” but the Bible says, “Youth, middle age, and old age for your Creator.” Unfortunately, it’s especially in our youth that we are most inclined to forget our Creator. Hence, it’s especially in these years that we must work to remember our Creator (Ecc.12:1).

Whereas youths can be quite impulsive and sometimes a bit silly, they are, nonetheless, a most valuable component in the service of Jehovah and a wonderful resource in the kingdom of heaven. The fact is that, the Bible is full with examples of how God has used young people in some of the most vital roles in the unfolding of his marvelous plan of redemption e.g., Joseph, Miriam, Samuel, Esther, David, Solomon, Josiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Mary, etc. Jesus himself provided the proper example as well - Lk 2:41-52. Timothy, who had known the Scriptures from childhood, was to be an example to others as a youth- 2Ti 3:15; 1Ti 4:12.

Serving God in our youth will help us avoid many of the evils that bring sorrow and regret in old age, and prepare you for the "days of darkness" (Ecc.11:8) that will come. These are days in which little or no pleasure will be found in what as a youth is called “enjoyment” (Ecc.12:1). With every certainty, these days will come and the preparation is when a man is young if he will not end in regret.
Serving God In Your Youth - The Antidote To Future Regret with Apostle Pride Sibiya
We can compare the youthful days as the first fruits of our lives and old age to leftovers. God deserves the first fruits, our best and not leftovers. Many Christians who get converted to Christ late in life are said to have expressed huge regrets about how little they know and how little they can learn at old age. King Solomon wasted his youthful years experimenting with the things that he at the end called “Vanity upon vanity” (Ecc. 1,1; 2:1-end). As Solomon grew old, he had a sad end because of the choices of his youthful days (1Kings 11:1-13).

“King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women…As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God,…So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord completely…”
(1 Kings 11:1,4,6 NIV)

By Dr. Abraham Usman.
God is looking for young men and women like Joshua and Deborahs who He can fill with His spirit and who will do great exploits for His Kingdom. Will you invest your youthful years in Kingdom service or will waste them and regret your future?
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