The God of Apostle Pride Sibiya and Mother General Anna Sibiya was present is Capetown. 

The Glory Ministries Capetown District had an overflow attendance and also experienced an electric atmosphere. Prophet Brian Mundopa says:

I saw Mega Souls misodzi yababa wangu Apostle Pride Sibiya. Oh! What a Mega Souls Miracle Sunday we had yesterday at church as people were delivered from alcoholism & smoking addictions, all those who were allergic to certain types of food were delivered from their allergies to the food that they were not able to eat.  Some said that whenever they ate their allergic food they would vomit. So after the deliverance we had to demonstrate God's power through making them to eat in church the food that used to affect even their health. 

Others were even scared to eat the food but after the prayer of deliverance everyone who had any allergy to the food ate the food and swallowed it without any effects and nobody vomited. Some were not eating fish, beef, cheese, milk, peanut butter, eggs, margarine, vegetables others any sweet food. 

After the service everybody was now able enjoy the food that they were allergic to for many years and were happy to be delivered. We saw a lot of healing taking place and there was a lady who had a swollen foot but soon after the deliverance prayer her leg looked normal as the other one.

To God be the Glory.