Apostle Pride Sibiya ... Get Ready South Africa ... God Has Asked Me To Bring Deliverance and Healing To South Africa - South Africa Back To God.

Apostle Pride Sibiya is bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ from Zimbabwe to South Africa. He is the founder and president of Glory Ministries.

In an interview with this writer, Apostle Pride Sibiya said the South Africa trip's mission is “to win souls for Jesus Christ and to bring healing and deliverance to the people of in South Africa.

“I am visiting South Africa under a divine mandate and instruction from God. I will be operating and functioning only as a servant of God to bring salvation, healing and deliverance. South Africa, like the rest of the world, needs our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Apostle Sibiya added: “I have a strong drive to bring deliverance to the people of South Africa from spiritual spouses, healing from brokenness, deliverance from water spirits.”

Apostle Sibiya's visit will only touch the following cities:  Durban, Johannesburg Central, RustenburgPretoria, Krugersdop.

But who is the man behind such a daring deliverance and healing mission – the South Africa Healing and Deliverance Mission Trip?

Who is Apostle Pride Sibiya? With a proven record spanning more than two decades of unflinchingly loyalty to the Christian ministry, Apostle Pride Sibiya is a recognised end-time apostolic father and scholar offering a fresh and bold interpretation of the gospel truth.

A graduate of the University of Zimbabwe and Domboshawa Theological College, Apostle Sibiya is well-known for his profound, yet easy to grasp, scriptural teachings in a wide range of topical issues affecting contemporary Christianity.

He is also vibrant in the exorcism ministry and the use of supernatural capabilities, which has made him a brand name in Christian circles.

His labours in and outside the hallowed halls of worship has made him a sort-after speaker featuring as guest of honour at various platforms in and out of Zimbabwe which also include numerous television appearances on Zimbabwe’s national broadcaster.

A prolific blogger contributing extensively and pragmatically on the Christian discourse, Apostle Sibiya, commands a huge following on social media platforms not limited to Facebook and Tweeter.

His hard to ignore voice on the religious landscape has even been more pronounced in the numerous books he has penned which include the bestselling Overcoming Spiritual Spouses – a lucid presentation on how to effectively incapacitate the spiritual spouse demonic phenomena [Read His Complete Profile Here - Who is Apostle Pride Sibiya?]
Apostle Pride Sibiya ... Get Ready South Africa ... God Has Asked Me To Bring Deliverance and Healing To South Africa
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Durban - Apostle Shiloh and Christabel Masenyama
+27719709910/ +27742714141

Johannesburg Central - District Pastors Gilbert and Dorica Lukwani
+27787516064/ +27746634131

Rustenburg - Pastors Innocent and Acquilline Mugwagwa
+27737231077/ +27782352931

Pretoria - Pastors Noah and Salome Mutasa
+27784901461/ +27745242407

Krugersdop - Evangelists Elrich and Ruvimbo Denhere
+27849446011/ +27610137891

Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya Can Also Be Found In The Follwing Cities In South Africa:
Cape Town - District Pastors Brain and Rutendo Mundopa 

Cape Town Khayelitsha - Evidence and K Kuruma 

Vredenburg - Minister Joel and Mrs. Chabveka 

Stanger Durban - Stanley and Kudzi Dula 

Port Elizabeth - Maxwell and Precious Mabota 
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