School Of Healing and Deliverance with Apostle Pride Sibiya ... What Is Deliverance

Deliverance is the supernatural transference of God’s people from a place of oppression to a place of freedom. 

It can happen to a person individually by a move of the Holy Spirit, or deliverance can occur for Gods people corporately all at once. 

When the children of Israel were set free from their slavery in Egypt, it was by God’s sovereign intervention. They were snatched out of a place of oppression and sent to a place of great freedom. Through Moses, God proclaimed to His people that He was going to set them free, and then He did. 

Have you ever been given a promise from God?
The Bible says God’s people were so overwhelmed in their hearts from the slavery and their suffering that they could not even believe freedom would ever happen. I have been in that dark place, and I’m sure you have, too. Sometimes we are so downtrodden from the weight of our circumstances that we cannot imagine things will ever be any different. This is how the people of Israel were in their captivity. Their position of slavery was not just being in a state of servitude – the Egyptians feared them. The Bible says that the Egyptians saw that the Israelites grew in numbers the more they were oppressed. Sometimes the oppression you experience is because someone is afraid of you. So the Egyptians oppressed God’s people fiercely. They intended to keep God’s people under the tight fist of slavery forever.

When an evil master fears their servants will escape or overpower them, they employ every tactic of the “iron fist” that they can think of. This is the world slavery situation you could ever imagine. The people of God were not just slaves…they were hated and feared.

We can’t even begin to imagine the glory of the victory God has for us on the other side of the trial we are in. If we continue to trust God, do things His way and believe His Word, we will press through to the other side. Victory through trials is amazing, but deliverance is more than that.

Deliverance is when God sovereignty reaches down and cuts the cords that bind us to our oppressors. Whether it be a harsh master, a besetting sin, a fiery trial ... deliverance involves the hand of God severing the power of that thing over you. He supernaturally takes you from a place of oppression to a place of breakthrough, by severing things in the spirit realm. Deliverance is by grace, a sovereign act of God ... deliverance is a miracle!

God split the Red Sea in half so His people could walk through on dry land to safety, and He shut the gates for the enemy. God severed the cords binding His people to the Egyptians permanently.

God’s people were taken out of slavery and sent on a journey – a journey to the Promised Land. You have a “Promised Land.” The beginning of your journey starts with deliverance!

God begins the journey by calling you to Himself, and you have to answer Him. When He sends you on a journey to the Promised Land after delivering you, there will be ground to cover and battles to fight.
Notice that God’s people had to walkthrough the Red Sea to get to safety. Then they had to take the long way to the Promised Land, because God knew they were not immediately ready for battle. There is a walk you must go on to get to freedom. You must walk out your battles, walk out your struggles with sin, walk out your trials of fire! God does not allow you to encounter any battle you are not ready for! If He led you to it, He will lead you through it. If you fell into it and repented, He will lead you out of that too. There is always a way of escape!

This month, deliverance is on God’s mind and we are seeking Him for it. What does God want to pull you out of? Deliverance is the supernatural transference of God’s people from a place of oppression to a place of freedom. What areas of your life does God have His finger on that He has a place of freedom for you today?

If every believer in the body of Christ was free in their spirit, soul, and body, how powerful would the body of Christ on earth be? We are called to go from glory to glory in Christ! What bonds do you need God to sever? This month, we are crying out to God to set us free from every bond that holds, every stronghold that restrains us from walking in freedom, knowing His truth, and every sin that so easily sets us back from His destiny here on earth! Let God hear your cry as the people of Israel did for deliverance! We are believing for Him to make a way for you where there is no way! You will walk through the sea on dry land! God bless you!

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