ONLY IF THE CHILD KNEW ... He Might Not Have Been In This Painful Situation ...

This turkey is not even concerned about him neither does it intend to fight him. He is holding fast to what the turkey also wants, that morsel of bread. 

If he throws it away he will save himself from this untold agony.

By Phillip Mpindu
The piece of bread has become the centre of attraction to both. Though the child likes this piece but can't enjoy it because Mr Turkey is posing a seemingly serious life threatening challenge. The child is fully convinced that his life is in danger.
He Might Not Have Been In This Painful Situation ...
The child has two options: 

1. To throw away that piece of bread allowing the turkey to go for it. 

2. To surely square up, confront the turkey, forcing the turkey to run away. But he has to remain vigilant because Mr Turkey will not give up easily. He will definitely come back.

Running away is not an option, for Mr Turkey will not rest until he grabs it.

Unfortunately the reasoning capacity of the child has been shattered. For him the ugly frightening turkey wants to eat him. He has already given up. Now very vulnerable. He is simply wishing the turkey go away on its own. That will never happen as long he is holding on to that which is attracting the turkey. The piece of bread is the ariel.

Oh poor child, only if you knew that this turkey cannot destroy even your hair.

The devil can be a menace in our lives because we are holding on to what he wants as well. Just do the reasonable thing ...

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