Prayer and Fasting Focus: DAY 4: Growth

Today is Day 4 Thursday 05 January 2017 We are praying for Growth - Please Note That Since we are very passionate about growth we have taken time to expand on the strategic growth areas that we need you to pray about:

Pray for Effective” Ministry Systems, Models and Strategies:
Take time to pray for organised, responsible and responsive leadership teams and ministry structures that will make our ministry effective and full of impact.

Prayer Guidelines:

1. Pray for ministry that causes lost souls to be found, found people to grow, growing people to serve, serving people to become ministers of God.
2. Pray for Ministry Departments with good strong teams (ecosystems) and responsive strategies to meet the needs of people.
3. Pray for Church and Department Members to develop into effective ministers of the Gospel and of the Vision, Mission, Values and Key Result Areas of Glory Ministries.
4. Pray for a culture of passionate ministry and disciplined dedication.
5. Pray for real effective ministry that ministers to the whole person, spirit, soul and body.

Church Membership Growth:
Pray for growth, fruitfulness, increase and multiplication. These are God's design, desire, blessing and reward to us - for our life on earth.
Prayer Guidelines:
1. Pray for growth, fruitfulness, increase and multiplication.
2. Pray for a passion for souls and growth through individual evangelism, soul winning and discipleship.
3. Pray that lost souls will be found, found people will grow, growing people will serve in the church, serving people will become effective ministers, effective ministers will impact their communities. Impacted communities will be epic-centers and models of kingdom transformation.
4. Pray for your Church to grow into a mega church.

Growth In Resources: As God's children and faithful stewards on the earth and His blessings, we will excel at producing, growing and managing all resources necessary for accomplishing the vision of God in our lives.

Prayer Guidelines:
1. Pray for prayerful tither's and givers to experience the full blessing and protection of God.
2. Pray for a spirit of Godly stewardship over the resources.

Pray about good stewardship over these resources that God gave us:
A. Everybody has been given a body as their first physical resource.
B. Everybody has been given a mind as their creative and intelligence resource.
C. Everybody has been given relationships as their social resource.
D. Everybody has been given a physical environment as their extractive resource.
E. Everybody has been given time as an investment resource.
What are you doing with your 5 God given resources?

Matthew 25:20 - And so he that received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord thou delivered unto me five talents: behold I have gained beside them five more ...

Growth In Impact On Nations. "We will develop local ministry resources and models that impact our communities, the nation and the world. We will think globally and act locally.

Prayer Guidelines:
1. Pray for a passion to change the communities we live in.
2. Pray for effective ministers in the market place in all spheres of life.
3. Pray for more effective ways to minister to needs in and outside the church.
4. Pray for God to raise, bless and protect Glory Ministries champions and models of influence in thePillars of society (1. Family 2. Church 3. Community 4. Education 5. Economy 6. Governance & Politics 7. Health & Quality of Life 8.Media, Arts & Entertainment 9. Environment & Natural Resources 10. Culture 11. Science & Technology 12. Peace & Conflict Resolution Mechanisms.)

Growth In Quality Leadership: "Leadership at every level defines, develops and deploys the purpose, potential and power of an organization."

Prayer Guidelines:
1. Pray for leadership to have spiritual insight to see what God is doing and attend to it.
2 Chronicles 1:10, Ephesians 1:16-23
2. Pray that Leaders and Departments will be united in vision, passion and action.
3. Pray for leadership that live out the Church Vision, Mission, Values and Key Result Areas. "Leadership must know the way, show the way and go the way". Source: Wolim
Prayer and Fasting Focus: DAY 4: Growth
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