DAY 3 STUDY GUIDE - Deliverance From Family Spirits & Altar.

Deliverance from family evil alters is an important part of continuing mission with Jesus Christ. An evil alter is a place where evil covenants are established, it is a place where agreement are reached for evil purposes. 

It is a place where evil people enter into covenant with wicked spirits. It is place where every problem of man starts. It is place where evil actions are infected; it is place of evil actions. Alters are designed for sacrifices and not just for decoration (Exodus 20:24). Deliverance from family evil alters cannot be done just by anyone, it calls for an anointed man of God who is highly dedicated and committed in the work of the lord. Family evil alters may be ancestral or inherited spirits. For one to be delivered from the family evil alters needs to be in a serious encounter with God, engage himself/herself in a serious battle with devil and this is achieved through prayers. Deliverance from family evil alters will also require one as a Christian to give a special sacrifice to the Lord and through all these you will have defeated the devil. In the bible Samuel raised an altar in the name of God against the Philistines, and as a result, God became angry with the Philistines and thundered with a great thunder against them from heaven. The altar made things easy for the Israelites. God fought for them and they did not have to do anything by themselves (1 Samuel 7:7-11).

Sign of evil family alters:
Generational poverty. Generational poverty is defined as having been in poverty for at least two generations. Generational poverty has its own culture, hidden rules and belief system. Individuals in a generational poverty have a limited number of resources. Most people think of poverty as lacking financial resources to meet basic living requirements.Families dealing with Generational Poverty are also challenged with the following forms of poverty: educational poverty, parental poverty, spiritual poverty. The cumulative effect of these different forms of poverty creates the most damaging outcome of Generational Poverty – the constant presence of Hopelessness. Marriage breakages. Alters can be constructed with wedding photographs, family and individual pictures and through that, a person will begin to receive torments and afflictions or he may even get killed.

There is total illness in the family. This is either caused by curses that might have been spoken by your ancestors or evil sacrifices offered by your enemies. Healing comes from the Lord and He always hears your voice when you call unto His intervention. Deliverance from family evil alters of illness automatically requires someone with faith to give the best offering to the Lord and in turn the Lord delivers the person or the family from the burden of illness. Suffering. Is it possible for true Christians to suffer because of a curse, or have an opening to demonic influence in their lives? Through Jesus we can be delivered from all such things, but does the mere fact that we are committed Christians always make deliverance from family evil alters automatic? Being spiritually united to Jesus means we need never suffer from curses or demonic interference in our lives. Our responsibility in our partnership with God is something we readily acknowledge in other aspects of the Christian life. For example, the instant we are born again, we receive power over all sin, but does this mean we instantly discover this and live a sinless life? 
Deliverance From Family Spirits & Altar.
There is an enormous gap between the life Jesus has made available to us and the life we are currently living.
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