A Few Facts About Being Sober

A few facts about being sober (1 Peter 5:8)

1. Being sober means having self-control. Before you can attempt to lead others make sure you have mastered the area of leading yourself. Practice what you preach and walk the talk.

By Apostle Adolphas Chibanda
2. Being sober is being sensible. Your brain did not come from the devil but from God so there’s basically nothing wrong in engaging your mind in what you do. Isn’t it amazing how common sense in not so common these days
3. To be sober is to be focused. A lot of people do not lead meaningful lives because they want to be ‘Jack of all treads but master of none’. Whilst it is important to learn a lot of things we must also remember that in life we progress by taking one focussed step at a a time.

4. To be sober means to be in your right mind. We’re not ‘spiritual drunkards’ but we’re people whose minds work properly and are led by the Holy Spirit.
5. Lastly being sober means to be well organised and being organised is doing the right things at the right time and place. We must learn to plan and take carefully calculated steps. Planning does not mean we’re carnal and that we lack faith. 
A Few Facts About Being Sober
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