Five (5) Facts About Pastors and Money

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

Money is a great and good medium of exchange. However the love of money is the root of all evil. Many great servants of God have been destroyed because of monetary abuse. Check and observe these: 

1. A pastor, no matter how much anointed, is tempted in the area of money. He will always be tempted to do it the wrong way. Some are stealing from churches, some are now into selling drugs A certain pastor takes all the offerings and tithes just after the service. This is not good. To master money a pastor must be a tither. A pastor must live the gospel of giving before preaching it. 

2. A pastor must not handle any church money ever. Handling money puts a pastor under intense pressure. He will have to do a lot of explaining about how well the finances were handled. 

3. A pastor must manage church finances. They are to see how every cent of the ministry is working and help direct it to fulfil the vision. If people have money and have no pastoral direction they will buy "jiggies" with church funds leaving world missions. Where there is no vision people perish. Fund the vision not just carnal needs of the flesh. He must encourage people to tithe and give sacrificially by word and deed.

Five (5) Facts About Pastors and Money
4. A pastor must know that even though he may be the founder or leader, the finances are not personally his but are public funds. Abusing public funds has great reparcations when such cases are met with the "eye and hand" of the law. Never lend out church money to family and friends or anyone. Many pastors who end up in prison never at one point though of defrauding the church. They took some money supposing they will repay back soon and things went from bad to worse financially till auditors came without them repaying. 

5. A pastor must learn to budget and live within their set means believing God for abundance. The church must adequately fund their pastors. Most generals of God have gone down in serious debt. Do not stretch your hands into the church pocket because at home you have nothing to eat. Do not live a life of borrowing especially those below you, it causes familiarity. When things are bad talk to seniors not juniors. The issue of money is an area which one needs to master for themselves. You can't master the art of ministry without considerable success over money. 

Money is a good servant but a bad master! It can be help to either succeed or fail in the ultimate ministry. 

Love you all. Apostle Pride Sibiya
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